Masturbation Addiction

I’ve always been such a horn dog, my little masturbation addiction has gotten me in trouble a few times, more than a few times actually. I’ve just always had a high libido, what can I say. So as most of us know, your libido can make us make not the most wise choices. I was watching porn once in my teens and I thought I was alone and my dad walked in, oh fuck I was embarrassed. I guess he heard the porn sounds coming from my room and he walked in and I was knuckles deep in my pussy. OMFG I thought he would have a coronary. He looked at the screen, then at me with my hand between my spread legs, turned beet red and turned around and closed the door.

I just always found masturbating so relaxing, before bed especially. I had to try and not scream too loud so as not to alarm and alert my parents. They were pretty cool though, they never said anything all the times I was caught or punished me or anything, just turn around and close the door and avoid eye contact for a few hours afterwards! LOL! I was kind of shameless, as well as horny, and had many close calls to getting caught as well as actual getting caught incidences .I had to face it I had and still have a masturbation addiction.

masturbation addict Gisele

One time we were on this road trip and it was dark and late and we hadn’t found a hotel yet. My mom was asleep in the front seat and my dad was driving and lost in the road and driving responsibilities. I was in the backseat and bored and as usual horny. Well I thought why not, he’s paying attention to the driving, she’s asleep, I can just pull this blanket over myself and no one will ever know. So I pulled it over my lap and slid my hand into my pants and then panties and was rubbing away on my clit just inches behind my dad and he had no clue what was going on, and I was so wet and slippery, toying with my stiff little clit. I wasn’t even trying to hurry, just was sliding my fingers in and out.

I was worried he might hear my wetness sounds, but I was under the blanket and had the clothes to muffle the sounds and he had the radio on softly, I was really enjoying the darkness and quiet and just masturbating. I was super horny and knew I wanted to cum a few times, it was hard to not breathe heavy and have him wondering what was going on. I came the first time and they didn’t seem to notice and then after I caught my breath I was going for the second orgasm, really trying not to huff and puff much as I was masturbating. My fingers sped up again and were really rubbing as hard as I could without making much noise. I then thought he’d never think I’d be masturbating back there as he drove. I came again and just in time, about five minutes later we pulled up to a motel to check in for the night and my mom woke up, so I avoided any embarrassment, but that’s just how shameless I was.

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