You have a secret diaper fetish don’t you?

It’s ok baby, you can tell mommy all of your deepest, darkest secrets. You’ve been hiding your diaper fetish from me haven’t you? There’s no need to be shy, or ashamed. I’m a very dirty mommy with no limits at all and I’m ready to help you relax and enter that special abdl head space. You work so very hard all day long giving orders. Once you come home, it’s only natural that you would want to turn that control over to my very capable hands.

Sit back and relax, mommy is going to take very good care of you. I did a little shopping today to satisfy your diaper fetish cravings. Mommy found the absolute cutest diapers with yellow ducks on them and they smell like baby powder. Don’t you just love the sound that they make when they crinkle as you move? Turn your control over to mommy and I’ll take care of everything. You can be my special baby boy for the night. Once you’re all diapered up and snuggled into your footie pajamas it’s time to fill that tummy.

Climb onto mommy’s lap and nestle up to my big full breasts. They’re full of sweet, warm milk just for you. Wrap those lips around mommy’s nipples and drink up baby. I’ll even burp you in between suckling. Can’t you just feel that stress just melting away as you relax on mommy’s lap. I’ll hold you close and tell you a bedtime story before I tuck you into bed for the night. If you’re craving a little kinky fun with mommy, we can do that too. Mature sex with a hot woman like me is exactly what you need. I can fulfill all of your needs, even the non-sexual ones.

Mommy Phone Sex

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