You have a panty fetish don’t you?

You didn’t realize that mommy knew what a panty fetish you have, did you? Well I have definitely noticed that my dirty panties have been disappearing from the clothes hamper. That’s the difference between mature sex and a clueless young girl. Of course I had to catch you in the act to prove that it was you and that is exactly what I am going to do today. You don’t know it, but Mommy is going to come home early and sneak up to your bedroom door. I want to see just what exactly you are doing with my dirty panties.

As soon as I push the door open, I catch you walking around in my panties. You’re bending over in front of the mirror, checking yourself out. I’m going to come right up behind you and spank you on your pantied bottom. I knew you had a panty fetish you naughty boy! Now Mommy is going to have to teach you a lesson for helping yourself to my dirty panties. Don’t stop posing on my account. You’re clearly enjoying the way that you look in those silky red panties.

Sit down on the bed and let me see you stroke that little dick through those panties. It really is more a clitty than anything. So it makes sense that you would enjoy wearing panties. Mommy wants to see you make a big wet spot in that silk. That silky material feels so very good rubbing up against your little clitty doesn’t it? I can see how stiff it’s making you. That’s a good boy, stroke it for Mommy. Once you cum in those panties though you have to get them clean and I don’t mean by washing them either. Stick your tongue right in the crotch and lick that cum out until they’re spotless like a good little cum eating sissy.

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