In Need Of A Desperately Urgent Quickie

England has been football-mad this last few weeks during the Euros. I don’t have the slightest interest in it, but it’s amusing to watch people go completely mad and start screaming hysterically at a massive screen in the pub. And wondering which of them will end the night with a desperately urgent quickie!

It reminds me of a time when I was having a night out with a couple of girlfriends in London. We were in an upmarket wine bar, which suddenly filled up with drunken football fans. They weren’t quite hooligans, but they were noisy and there was an aura of danger about them.

I Like a Bit of Rough

I like a bit of rough sometimes. And one of the brutish fans was attractive. He saw me looking at him and walked straight over. He had a tough self-confidence and quickly chatted me up. We both knew what we wanted – a desperately urgent quickie – and I let him take my hand and lead me out of the bar. A minute later we were in the alley and he pushed me up against the wall. 

He kissed me hard and pulled my short skirt up around my waist. I moaned as I felt a thick finger push into my pussy. His thumb found my clit as he fingered me. By now I was already wet enough to take a second finger. It felt wonderful, but I needed to be fucked. I don’t like condoms, but there are some men you don’t take a chance with.

I pulled out the condom and showed it to him. He nodded and unbuttoned his jeans. I was tempted to suck him first. But I needed a pounding cock inside me badly. I was so in need of a desperately urgent quickie. Reaching down, I slipped the condom over his thick rock-hard dick and massaged it all the way down his shaft.

Now, Fuck Me Hard You Bastard!

I was just able to take his cock in one go. He didn’t try to ease it into me, but pushed all the way in and began thrusting – crude fast furious fucking! If I hadn’t been so wet it would have been painful. As he thrust into me, I breathed in his thuggish smell of beer, smoke, sweat, and cheap aftershave.

One advantage of condoms is that the guy takes longer to cum. Especially if he’s had a few drinks. This bloke was like a machine. I found myself writhing against the wall and clawing his back as he fucked me hard. I came before he did and tried to push him away. He didn’t stop but began to thrust in and out, very slowly and deliberately.

It was way beyond intense and I felt a new flood of wetness. I moaned and clung to him tightly as he gradually increased the speed. I wasn’t in control now and bucked with him as he increased the tempo. Suddenly he pulled out, making me gasp with confused disappointment. What?! I needed a desperately urgent quickie!

How Fucking Dare He?

Suddenly, he spun me around so that I faced the wall and then he pushed into me again, fucking me from behind. His hands mauled my tits as he fucked me as hard as he could. I panted and moaned as I squirted everywhere. He came just after I did, which was a relief. I couldn’t have taken much more. I felt his prick slide out of me as I got my breath back. My whole body was throbbing with pleasure and I couldn’t think straight. But I didn’t resist when he tossed the condom aside, pushed me to my knees, and forced me to lick him clean. What a whore! But I loved it… as did the audience!

Finally, sweaty and dishevelled after my desperately urgent quickie, I couldn’t face the ‘walk of shame’ back into the bar and took a taxi home. That night I showered and then fingered myself to sleep! Maybe football isn’t so boring after all…

Your favourite posh English girl loves the odd bit of rough…