I often hear “do you have a boyfriend?” from clients, and the truth is, if I did have a boyfriend, I’d be a desperate cheating woman. 

In fact, it might take less than three months into the relationship, to make me a desperate cheating woman. 

Let’s set the scene. I, Elise, have met Jake. Jake is funny, charming, but he wants me to commit. And I can easily see my life with Jake. We would travel Alaska, share kisses, wine, and probably have a lot of hot sex. Life with Jake would be grand. 

Though I do my best to please my boyfriend, there’s an itch I need to scratch. Though he doesn’t have an unfortunately small dick, one dick isn’t good enough for me. Soon in the relationship, my pussy pleads to get any sort of variety. There are so many different cocks that come in different shapes and sizes! Plus, they all have different curves! How can my pussy stand to have just one, no matter how good it is?  These thoughts lead me to become a desperate cheating woman. 

Think about it this way: A girl might enjoy a filet mignon. But, if I eat it every day, multiple times a day? Really, how soon do you think I would get bored of the taste? It doesn’t matter what sauces I put with it. Nor does it matter what spices. Eventually, my mouth is going to crave something else. And when it does, I become a desperate cheating woman.

So my “mouth” needs something. At first, I stave off different shapes and sizes with sex toys. I line them up, looking at 10 inches to 5 inches but wide. I even get rabbit vibes, ready to stretch my vag and make me feel every muscle sore the next morning.

But in the end, it isn’t enough. No dildo can match a wonderful cock. 

What Do I Do? 

I don’t want to be a desperate cheating woman. Jake is a sweet man. He loves me. I love him. Thus, it should be simple: I stay with him. But my eyes roam over other men when we go out. Even a trip to the gas station has me checking out someone’s ass.

Even after a while, I might think of Jake’s coworkers while Jake fucks me. I’m underneath him while he pounds deep into my pussy. Yet the only thing that makes my pussy quiver is the thought of his boss’s cock deep inside me. 

There are two paths, then. One path leads to me fucking Jake’s friends and office mates, slamming cock after cock inside me in order to satisfy my cravings. It leads to breaking Jake’s heart, to him wondering what went wrong when all of it was a desperate cheating woman. 

The second path is simpler, really. Tell Jake I like him as a friend, but I only do friends with benefits. I can’t give up all the cock I take. Jake’s heart isn’t broken by me trying to make it work. Months later, I can have Jake and his coworkers bending me over their office desks, no hard feelings whatsoever. 

So, when someone asks me why I don’t have a boyfriend? It’s because friends with benefits is much, much simpler. 

But maybe you want me to cheat. Maybe that gets you off. So, maybe I could be the cheating wife of your dreams?

desperate cheating woman