What do I do when there’s an unfortunately small dick? 

Well, I’m not going to sacrifice my pleasure for an unfortunately small dick. That’s what Brad found out. 

Seriously, picture it with me. I’m in a bar and seeing a nice package in very tight jeans. My white panties are soaked thinking about this hot guy next to me, named Brad. His friend sits next to him, letting Brad talk to me. While he introduced himself, he lets us be and focuses more on the game on the TV.

Now, I lean forward to show off my breasts through my off-sleeve sweater, and he takes a nice look. After he buys me another drink, he says he needs to use the restroom, but promises he can fill me up in all the ways.

I slam back my drink, tip my barman, and I slide out of the seat and follow Brad like a hungry kitty. My heels clack on the floor with promise. For myself, I promise to ravish Brad. 

How could I know he had an unfortunately small dick? 

Within moments, I jumped to join him in the bathroom. I’m a hot horny busty slut and I want some. I throw the door open.

Immediately, he spins around, his cock in his hand. But, in his jeans is not the cock I’m looking for. Instead, in his jeans is a rolled-up sock, a stuffer. Brad’s cock is maybe, maybe, two inches- and he pulls it longer. He can’t even grow more than that! His face is red, his unfortunately small dick is in his hand, and I sneer and slam the door. 

Actually, I confess. I am so mad I open up the door and spit on his face before slamming it again. 

Getting Brad’s Friend

There are some clear rules in life. The first rule is when I am horny, I get what I want. The second is that you do not lead me on. The unfortunately small dick owner, Brad, is about to find out exactly what happened when he crossed me. In fact, Brad trails behind me, begging me to wait. This causes a few of the regulars and the bartender to laugh. They know that I wait for no one, and a pathetic useless man isn’t about to convince me to change my mind. 

So, I grab Brad’s friend and haul him off the barstool. “You have an unfortunately small dick?” I asked him, my nails almost tearing his shirt. His friend looks me over and then Brad, and shook his head repeatedly. In fact, he began unzipping his jeans and let them fall to the ground. 

Finally, a decent cock! At least 6 inches soft. I grin and give him a bruising kiss. “Good. Let’s show your friend how one really fucks.” I took one last look at Brad and his unfortunately small dick. “Watch how a real man satisfies me.” 


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