Dental Office Sex Stories are an oldie, but a goodie, don’t you think?

There’s nothing like some dental office sex stories to remind me of how wild I used to be. Before I was in school, I took a secretary job at a dental office. It was great pay, my local community people there, and my boss, an older man named Ted, didn’t mind that I had little certification. He set me up with extra training since I was one of two employees in his small, privately-owned office.

Ted was one of the only closers, so his other assistants and staff could go home early. That left me, as the youngest, to help finish up- billing, sweeping, anything that could help the morning shift. And often, as I went to party at bars after my shift, I’d changed into my low cut shirts and my shorts skirts.

At times, Ted would tease me, even occasionally brushing up behind me and squeezing my ass. It was all in good fun, and playful. Really, I gotta say I liked it. The attention of an older guy was flattering to me. Regularly, he’d get me in a bear hug before I left, nuzzling my neck. I knew it was all flirting, but it didn’t cross any lines.

Not until we were both closing up a few months ago. Then, the snow was coming down pretty hard, so he suggested we both sleep in the office. He then held up a mask, saying we could have a good time.

I wasn’t sure what he meant. Luckily, he clarified for me. “We have an extra tank of nitrous,” he explained. “Wanna take some to see how it feels?” For emphasis, he patted the dental chair.

In the Chair

The mask didn’t look too weird. “Sure,” I told him. I climbed into the chair, my heart beating in my chest. Who thinks their boss will be down to party? I never had. Next, he pushed the chair into the reclining position. Immediately thought I might be having some pillow princess sex, picturing what he might do to me if I took the mask.

On the other hand, I wanted him to do those things. So I reached up and put the mask over my face. We waited until I nodded. Then, Ted turned on the gas.

Suddenly, everything became floaty. My body felt a rush, some adrenaline through my blood as I breathed in the nitrous. I couldn’t move much, but Ted laughed and I laughed at him.

Soon, he took the mask from me and breathed it in for himself, and I whined, reaching for it. When he gave me back the mask, his hands landed on my breasts. I was high; therefore, his hands didn’t bother me. When he moved to squeeze them, I giggled. And when he pinched my nipples through my shirt, I moaned.

From that, things escalated. He reached into my shirt and unhooked my bra. Next, I felt his hand riding up my thigh. My legs parted automatically, me still giggling like a loon. His hands were warm where they touched inside my panties. Generally, everything around me felt fantastic, and I couldn’t wait to have more of these dental office sex stories with Ted in the future. 

One Step Further

It didn’t take long for him to take off my panties. Once they were off, Ted opened my legs even wider. Giggling turned into gasping as he began to eat me out, his face red while he dove into my pussy. Earlier I had thought I’d be treated to pillow princess sex; this really felt like it.

It didn’t take long at all for me to come all over his face, and Ted kept licking me through the aftershocks. My head felt floaty and a thousand miles away from my body. Mostly, it was just incredible. And when his cock slipped inside my warm, wet cunt, my eyes were rolling in the back of my head. Soon I was moaning and gasping while he snapped his hips. His prick continued to pound into the very depth of me.

The whole time, I was far away, having an out of body experience. And when he came inside me, I still hadn’t come down.

I think you already know, but just in case I need to say it: it was a great night.

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