A Deliciously Erotic Stroll Along The Beach!

I love a deliciously erotic stroll along the beach. It’s date night and as always, we like to pay particularly close attention to details. Nothing is worse for either of us than a boring date! We love to seduce each other, play with each other and rock each other’s socks off. To say that we have a wildly creative sex life is most definitely an understatement, especially given the fact that we’re both givers! Always trying to “out do” the other, in the most sexually erotic ways possible, is precisely why we end our date nights feeling fulfilled and completely satisfied.

Imagine for a moment or two that we’re walking arm in arm along the beach, the sun setting in the background and the waves gently crashing at our feet. The scene couldn’t have been better, even if it was straight out of a Hollywood movie! It was hot, not the miserable kind of heat, but the kind of heat that produces that sexy steamy sweaty sexy sex. The wind was blowing just right, enough to make your body feel free and relaxed. At this moment, neither of us wanted to be anywhere else in the world!

The anticipation of what was going to happen next was absolutely tantalizing.

My body became weaker and weaker with every step; Could feel that my pussy was beginning to swell and ache, as it desperately wanted to be penetrated by your tongue. I was so eager to bask at the moment right when your warm wet mouth engulfed my pussy and I could just feel that ecstasy take over me.

I couldn’t help but wonder if that ache between your legs, was the same for you too! Couldn’t help but wonder how badly you desired for me to just swirl my tongue around that hard long cock of yours, to lap up that pre-cum up, as if it was a popsicle, melting in the mid-day sun and I was trying to prevent it from dripping down. Or how I love to tease your cock and then, without any warning whatsoever, just plunge my mouth deep onto your cock, until my lips reach your body!

Just as I was going to explode, just from my thoughts alone, you swept me off my feet, laid me down right there on the beach and……..I can’t wait to tell you the steamy, erotic and juicy details! Call me and I will do exactly that and MORE! It’s time to earn your free phone sex minutes.

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