The minute I laid eyes on my 16 year old neighbor, I knew I had to have him.  I fired my landscaper and hired Will to come over every Sunday to mow my lawn.   Whenever he came over, I made myself a cocktail and sat on my deck to watch him.  He always took his shirt off and his young muscular body was a fine specimen to gaze at on sunny afternoons.

One day, my friend Jack came over and looked Will up and down as he pushed the mower across my front yard. He joined me on the deck and leaned close so that I could hear him above the noise.  “Who is that fine young thing?” he asked.  Jack is bisexual and a very horny one at that.

“My neighbor.  He’s sixteen.”  I said, anticipating his next question. “Yeah, we need that.”  he told me, then hatched up a delicious plan.  He went upstairs and left me alone on the deck.

When Will was finished, he walked over to the deck to collect his payment.  His body was soaked with sweat. “Want some water, Will?” I asked.  He accepted my offer and followed me into the kitchen.  I poured him some ice water and we talked for a few minutes.  I asked him if he had a girlfriend and he said he did but she was very prudish and not much fun.

I told him my friend Jack and I were going to barbeque later and asked if he wanted to join us.  He happily accepted.  I think he was very glad to be able to hang out with the hot neighbor for a while longer. “Well, you can shower upstairs.  I want you to be comfortable.”  I said.

Despite the strange offer, he agreed.  He lived across the street, he could have easily just gone home to shower.  Surprised, but pleased, I led him upstairs to my bathroom.

He took a shower and came into my bedroom with a towel wrapped around his waist.  He stopped when he saw that Jack and I were waiting for him on my bed, completely naked.  I saw a bulge begin to grow under his towel. It took Jack and me all of five minutes to convince Will to join us for some hot fucking.

He started off by eating my pussy, with Jack nearby giving him pointers.  He was a quick learner and I soon had my legs wrapped around his shoulders, lifting my hips up to grind my pussy against his face. Jack got behind Will and began to rim his ass.  Will gasped as he felt for the first time, the extreme pleasure of a tongue penetrating and wetting his asshole.  He continued to eat my pussy even more energetically.

Jack carefully inserted his cock into Will’s virgin ass and slid it slowly inside. Will tensed up at first, then began to relax and rocked his body back to meet Jack’s quick thrusts.  Jack was in heaven, grabbing Will’s hips and pounding away.  Will was moaning and stopped eating my pussy altogether as he enjoyed the feeling of a stiffy up his asshole.

I maneuvered my way under Will so that his cock was just hovering over my pussy and I put my hands on his shoulders.  I guided his dick into my pussy and as Jack pushed his own cock into Will’s ass, he pushed Will’s meat deep into me.   After a minute, we got into a great rhythm of fucking, with Will pressed right in between our bodies, a perfect fuck sandwich.

I can’t say we all orgasmed at the same time but we were pretty close.  We waited for Will to shoot his jizz into my pussy before Jack and I let loose with our own cum explosions.

I love to de-virginize and corrupt young boys.  Will you be my next victim?


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