This one time when I was 16 and babysitting for one of my regular clients, I had the best sexual encounter while out on a job. The couple had two young children under 10 and an older son that was in college. As they left for their usual Saturday date night, they got a call from their oldest son who mentioned that he’d be stopping by the next day. I overheard and immediately grew excited. I had a crush on him for the longest time.
That night, I planned on leaving a sweater behind to pay a visit the next day and hopefully see him. I had really developed over the summer and was now boasting a B-cup bra that my perky breasts filled and a tanned body after working over the summer at our local pool. I just knew after taking one look at me now that I’d at least catch his eye and might score a super hot date to homecoming the following week.
It must have been around 9 pm when his younger siblings finally went to bed and their parents wouldn’t be home until 3 am, so instead of doing homework like I had originally planned, I decided to pleasure myself to his high school graduation picture instead. He was just two years ahead of me, so I knew I could rely on a slew of real-life memories that featured his muscular body that I used to yearn for at his swim meets. The flashbacks made me tingle with excitement in my panties at the mere thought of the possibility of getting to one day touch it myself.
As I was vividly running my fingers in my wet pussy and fantasizing about his naked body, I heard the front door open and immediately pulled down my skirt and grabbed the first text book I saw to make it look as if I was concentrating on reading. To my pleasant surprise it was him! He had come home a night early to avoid traffic and my heart couldn’t stop racing.
He immediately recognized me and we exchanged small talk, but after a few minutes something bright pink caught his eye on the floor. It was my thong that I had completely forgot about when he abruptly came in. I was super embarrassed, but then he just smiled after her took one look at this graduation picture sitting next to me on the couch.
He had caught me in the act of masturbating to his picture, but instead of laughing about it, he immediately stormed towards me and picked up my skirt. His left hand traveled toward my still wet pussy while his left hand unhooked my bra from under my shirt. I immediately went for his belt and then unzipped his pants, placing my hand deep inside his pants until I felt his now hard dick in my hands. I started rubbing him off slow and then went faster as his fingers now entered my pussy.
We stumbled to the couch and then started to undress each other. As soon as my top was off, his lips were on my breasts and he started sucking on my hard nipples as he continued to finger bang me with two fingers. Right before I was going to cum, he started to slowly make his way down south as his replaced his fingers with his tongue. His fingers soon traveled to my anus and what was happening next was literally mind blowing! I came hard, like really hard, and didn’t want his tongue or his fingers to stop exploring me.
I knew what was going to happen next… And boy did I want it!
But then, just as we were getting ready to have his dick enter my soaking wet pussy, we heard a kid whimper from upstairs. It was his little brother who had woken from a nightmare.
Let’s just say we continued what we started the following week at my homecoming and we didn’t get interrupted! I know you want to know what happened the very next week? Give me a call!!

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