Sexy Teen Temptation

I almost groaned out loud when I felt my bad step daughter’s hand on my thigh and a perfect round titty brushing against my arm.  Thankfully, I managed to stay quiet. But, as much as I tried to stop it, my cock started to get hard.

It always does when she tempts me like this. “What do you need, Jane?” I asked, again trying to sound as nonchalant as possible.  As I waited for her answer, I couldn’t help but wonder, “when did her tits get so big and soft and bouncy?” 


Sexy Teen Temptation – I Try To Resist

I tried very hard not to look at her as a sexual being. I was sure that she got enough stares and catcalls from every other male she came across. In fact, I wanted very badly to still see her as a sweet little girl.

But it was very difficult now that she practically had a woman’s body. An extremely hot woman’s body. One that she used to torment me more and more as she got older. Truly my sexy teen temptation.

Her reply to my question about what she wanted was what I expected. Manipulative and totally untrue. She had answered, “I just missed you both, and I wanted to spend some time with you.”

I replied in an irritated manner, “how could you miss us? You just had dinner with us.” My wife never likes it when I’m impatient or short with her and said, “why do you have to be so mean to her? She’s just being nice!”

Her Forbidden Bouncy Tits…

Of course, I knew that the only time she was nice was when she wanted something from us or when she wanted to torture me with her sexy teen temptation of a body. And as if she knew exactly what I was thinking, she snuggled up to me and pushed her forbidden tits against me.

They were so tight against me that I could feel her hard nipples on my arm. I knew that I had to resist this sexy teen temptation at all costs.  But I wasn’t sure that I could.

My cock went from “getting hard” to full erection then. And I’m sure she knew that. Her torture went on for what seemed like hours until her mom went to bed. My sexy teen temptation had been doing her best to torment me.

She wiggled her soft yet firm tits against me, rubbed my thigh with her hand, and wiggled her hips that she pressed against mine as we sat next to each other.

And Then She Shocked Me

A few minutes after my wife went to bed, she shocked me by climbing into my lap. I wondered if she was going to feel my rock-hard cock through my pants. And I got my answer when I felt her perfect, round ass grinding on my aching, dripping cock.


Well, my sexy perverts, our tortured step dad is trouble, isn’t he… Nothing good can come from a sexy teen temptation of a step daughter climbing in your lap. And, what is it that you think she wants? Who knows, but I see blackmail in his future, so it must be something big…

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