Dirty Teen Tease

My cock went from “getting hard” to full erection, and I’m sure she knew that.  Her torture went on for what seemed like hours until her mom went to bed.  My sexy teen temptation had been doing her best to torment me. 

She wiggled her soft yet firm tits against me, rubbed my thigh with her hand, and wiggled her hips as we sat next to each other.  

A few minutes after my wife went to bed, she shocked me by climbing into my lap.  I wondered if my dirty teen tease was going to feel my rock-hard cock through my pants. 

Dirty Teen Tease in Daddy’s Lap

I tried to ignore the exquisite sensation of my dirty teen tease’s tight but soft ass gyrating in my lap. And I asked, “Okay, we’re alone.  Now tell me what you really want, Jane.” She pouted and pressed her bouncy dirty teen tease tits into my side even harder.  “You always think I want something from you, she whined.” “Well,  you always do, I replied as calmly as I could under the circumstances.  

“Alright, Daddy, there is one thing you could help me with,” as she started running the fingers of one hand lightly up and down my thigh.  “Here, Daddy,” she finally said as my dirty teen tease handed me the unmistakable yellow traffic ticket she pulled out of her pocket.  “Good Lord, Jane – you just got your license a few months ago,” I almost shouted.  

It Had to Be a Mistake

But how could I really be mad when she had just “accidentally” brushed her hand right over my hard cock as she was getting the ticket out of her pocket? Even so, I needed to know what she had gotten herself into.  Unfolding the ticket, I thought that what I was seeing must be a mistake.  Despite my raging hard-on, I couldn’t help but explain, “You couldn’t possibly have been going 90 in a 55 zone – this is a super speeder ticket!  

The fine on this will be over $1,000.00,“ I said in disbelief. ”$1100, actually,” she said without any remorse or concern whatsoever.  “I can’t ask Mom to pay it – she’ll take my car away.”  “But I know you can pay it for me, and it will be our little secret,” my dirty teen tease proposed in way too much of a cheerful manner.  

“Absolutely not, Jane!  I don’t have that kind of money just lying around, and even if I did, I wouldn’t pay it!” was my initial angry response.  She looked genuinely surprised at my reaction, but only for a second.  And then, not surprisingly,  she was back to her fake smile and manipulative tone.

She Needed My Help

She then put her arms around my neck and looked into my eyes.  “Please, Daddy… I really need your help,” she simpered.  I was both put-off and turned on by her ingratiating manner.  She really needed my help, and I liked being in this position! And as if this dirty teen tease could read my thoughts, she started grinding on my hard cock while she was straddling my lap and facing me. 


Well, my sexy perverts… what do you think?  Will Step Dad pay for his dirty teen tease’s ticket?  Above all, will he ask for anything in return?   Let me know in the comments below! 

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