Lawyer’s are the biggest criminals of them all and a daddy-daughter forced sex team is something reckon with.

This daddy-daughter forced sex team is something that is so obvious. Daddy, who is the lawyer, that takes advantage of his clients. It always surprises people when they realize that it’s the two of us. We never will get in trouble because of all of the secrets of theirs we have. You wouldn’t believe all the kinds of blackmail phone sex we have with the clients.  It all started out as innocent as catching a daddy and daughter could be. I work at his office as his secretary and I are always in my daddy’s office. One afternoon, after hours, his partner’s secretary walked in on me bent over his desk with a belt around a throat.

I got really pissed because the surprise gave me a ruined orgasm. Of course, I came when we got home, I still had the need to get my revenge. Over the course of the next few days, I plotted on how I would make that bitch pay. She was actually hot af. 5’ 6”, Latina, light brown eyes, sexy tan skin, equally big chest, and slim yet curvy. Have to admit that I thought of her when getting pounded.

Getting her before she was to leave is the priority. I convince my sweet daddy with daddy morning sex in his and my mothers’ bed every morning while she was in the shower, that it will be the ultimate turn on. I’m grinning now just going over the first daddy-daughter forced sex ceremony.

That next Friday we put my plan to action.

I walked around until I found her and persuaded her to come and help me with something in the office. When she got in the office my dad took her and tied her to the chair with my help. The ball gag was the next to go into her mouth to keep her quiet along with a blindfold. We didn’t say much of anything outside of a whisper.

Our sex torture consisted of toe sucking, whipping, nipple clamps, slapping, threatening, choking and fucking. After I watched my daddy skull bang her, I forced a 12” dong in her. We laid her on his desk and while I bit her nipples until they bruised my daddy fucked the both of us. After out torturous play, I tinkled in her mouth and untied her. The gag was she is into torture it! Seeing how good my daddy felt and the rush I felt made us want more and now we had extra help to go with this daddy-daughter forced sex team.

Woman wants a divorce and comes to my daddy for help, but she flirts a little too much.

This lady always came in flirting with my daddy while going over litigations for her case. Mid-afternoon one day I came in and locked the door behind me. I slowly walked over my daddies desk where she was sitting on his lap. I sat across from them and softly told my daddy to “bang her”. Before she could get up he intertwined his arm into her arms and bound them behind her. I come over to the desk, grabbed a pair of scissors and came close. Then I got on my knees and with daddies help forced her legs open. I snipped a hole in her panties and devoured her cunt. I love cunt by the way.

While doing that my sweet daddy took his belt off and looped it around her neck. With a swift move, he had her bent over his desk as I sucked his balls while he pounded her tight ass. As he fucked her he grunted, “how badly do you want all of your ex-husbands’ money whore”. The Latina was always the “soother”

Our daddy-daughter forced sex team is the best.

We get daddies and daughters, daddies and sons, also high power people and the torture is such a rush every time. The time I pounded my dads boss was a win. He told me to dress more professionally. I sat there and crossing my legs in order to draw him hypnotically so that I can have my way with him. He was going to learn not to mess with me. It was easy to sit on his desk and glide his peaker in me. The same goes with shoving that 8” dong in him while he was balls deep and then daring him to say anything else that I didn’t like.

Needless to say, I loved recording him as he took it right there, bent over like a little sissy. My daddy walked in and watched while stroking his cock and he pleaded and begged for more.

daddy-daughter forced sex

How do you feel about forced and the rush that it gives to both parties involved?