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The higher you get in the education the more costly it gets. We have figured the key out to the best grades and it’s us naked college girls. Teachers aren’t paid enough and everyone, no matter the age, is always looking for something thrilling.

Something that makes them want to get out in the morning, evening, or at night. Some teachers just like a little skin. A little extra thigh will put a wide grin of their faces.

Or a gentle, soft rub on the arm. Then you have the “others”. They want more than a panty glance from crossing your legs slowly or bending or too far.

A couple of my naughty college teachers wanted “the touch”.

At first, they told me to stay after class for a talk. I figured out that they were into me from the movements I did with my body. I noticed how they reacted and then I took the wheel. One class I had to pass in order to start my masters was just super hard.

My second time staying after class I wore a sweet yet subtle perfume. A pair of yoga pants, black with the see-through lace sides and a very low cut tank top. When I leaned in closer to my teacher it’s like he lost control. His gaze was only on my titties and while he was stuck I used hypnosis on him.

My movement steady and slow, I raised my top above my head. I then sat back, my bra exposed and I spread my legs. “ You want me don’t you”? his head slowly nodding up and down. While he zoned in on my titters I started to rub my pussy and I could hear his breath start to grow deeper.

“You’re a teacher that likes naked college girls don’t you?”

“I make your old dick get hard, don’t I? I sat there repeating my statements as I rubbed my pussy until my yoga pants became soaked from my pussy juices.

Do you think I stopped there? Hell no! I stood and got completely naked, sat back in that chair and let him watch me finger my pussy.

Other things that make being a hot college girl is the teachers. They don’t wonder about having a cheating wife, all they want to do is make me happy. When I give them the ok to call me it makes for a good bathroom jerk session and hot phone sex. I get so turned on by just know their wife or girlfriend is in the other room.

My creamy pussy made his cock shoot a stream of cum so far.

I didn’t even have to fuck him as the other college girl sluts did but that didn’t mean that I didn’t want too. I’ll just say that I love staying after class. For this particular teacher, I knew what would get him to cum in his pants in front of the whole classroom. One day I and my girlfriend sat beside each other, it was one other those hot hot hot summer days, she wore bikini panties and I wore crotchless panties.

If you know me enough by now you know I just love crotchless panties! Well, I reached over and brushed my fingers are crossed her titty and those big nipples of hers got really hard. That made the teacher let out a hard grunt.

She dropped her pencil on the floor right in between my legs and after picking it up she then slowly slides her finger right into my cunt. When she sits back up in her chair she licked her finger. That got him to come so hard but of course, he blamed it on a cramp in his stomach.

Being A naked college girl is fun. We get want we want without having to ask. You will have fun with me! Come check me out sometime.

💋 Giana.

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