I never thought a boyfriend of mine would be into daddy daughter fetish

I never thought a boyfriend of mine would be into daddy daughter fetish. This latest man I’ve been seeing though is several years older than me and he loves that I look so young. I’m beginning to think my youthful looks are what made him bring this topic up in the first place. He asked me if I had any kinks and if so what kind. The topic soon gave way to his fetish and he asked how I’d feel about roleplay about it. I said I was into pretty much anything for a try.  I am willing to play any fantasy sex stories.  It went well.

 Daddy Was In The Doorway Watching Me Masturbate And I Was Shocked

He wanted me to look and act young so I dressed up in a school girl uniform and my hair in pigtails . I was to pretend I’d come home from school and was alone at home. Or so I thought. I went to my room to masturbate and I didn’t know daddy was home.I thought I had privacy And I was very loud, but daddy heard me and came to check . And I was shocked when daddy was standing in my doorway and was watching me play with my pussy. Soon he offered to help and was soon licking my young cunt hungrily. I knew I couldn’t let mommy know what we’d been up to, or it might cause trouble.

I Loved It That Daddy And I Had This Little Secret From Mommy

Daddy licked my pussy so good and asked if he could fuck me. I could never say no daddy, so i nodded my head yes. He climbed on top of me and pretending to be taking my virginity and how it was going to hurt the first time. Daddy said I was such a good girl for him and it made me feel so good.

I loved that daddy and I had this little secret from mommy. It made me feel like a bad girl. My boyfriend was thrilled I went along with this little scenario and the daddy daughter fetish was in full swing. There’s even a high school not far from my condo. I walked onto the school grounds at the time school let out. He pulled up and said he was there to pick me up like he was really my daddy.

His Daddy Daughter Fetish  Was  So Hot For Me Too

Then we went back to my place and he stuffed my white cotton panties in my mouth and fucked me. All the while calling me his good little whore. Fuck, he made me cum so hard. He spanked me as well and made me plead with him to stop smacking my ass, but I didn’t want him to.

This roleplay led to some really heightened orgasms for me. I had no clue that daddy daughter roleplay would turn me on so much, but it sure did. I really liked it. We have been reading erotica and watching porn on it.  To get ourselves warmed up for the fucking when we are going to play this. I feel so naughty, and couldn’t tell any of my girlfriends about this. Who knows what they get into though, maybe things a lot worse, you never know.  Call me for the best Taboo phone sex  you can find!

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