My Boss Had Desires Right Out Of Fantasy Sex Stories

This boss of mine is a bit different than any other I’d had. From the first time we met. He’s always looked at me oddly, not bad, but just strangely. One day I asked him and he said I just so much resemble his step daughter. It’s uncanny and truth be told, he’s always fantasized about her. I had read some hot fantasy sex stories and his fantasy reminded me of them. I wasn’t quite sure what to say to that. He continued on and asked me if I’d ever be interested in earning some more money on the side. I of course would love some extra cash. And he told me if I came into work the next Saturday and dressed up as a school girl and pretended to be her, I’d get a healthy bonus. I couldn’t say no.This was straight out of fantasy sex stories!

I Looked Just Like His Step Daughter

He was a good looking and distinguished older man and I wanted fantasy sex stories for Gisele 2the extra pay. I went rummaging around in my closet and found my old Catholic girl’s school uniform. It was a bit snug, but I got it on, I even put my hair up in pigtails to look younger.I definitely looked the part of a fantasy sex story. I put my all weather coat over top of it and went to work. The office was closed on the weekend’s. But he often went in to catch up. So I let myself in with my key and went to his office. I closed the door behind me and removed my coat. He looked like a hungry dog eyeing a steak when I removed that coat. And I stood there with my hair in pigtails and that old school uniform on underneath of it.

My White Cotton Panties Were Down And My Ass Was Exposed

He started to call me by her name and that was fine, I didn’t mind. After that  he told me to come over to the desk and bend over. He’d been told that I’d been a bad girl and needed a spanking. He pulled my short school uniform skirt up and my white cotton panties down and my ass was totally exposed. I just kept thinking of the money I was going to get for playing school girl. So I just braced myself for the smacks, and boy, did they come! Hard spanks, one after the other were reigned down on my bare ass. He leaned in against me, and I could feel his hardness through his pants against my bare ass.

I Was Told To Call Him Daddy

I heard him unzip his pants and looked over my shoulder and saw him take his cock out. And he started to rub it up and down the cheeks of my bare ass and even the backs of my thighs. He told me to call him daddy. And I said I’d been a bad girl, daddy. And I added that I hoped he wouldn’t be too harsh in his punishments against me. He further bent me over and I felt the head of his cock nestling between my ass cheeks making their way down to my pussy lips.

I felt him slide inside of me and begin to fuck me as I pleaded “daddy” not to. He said naughty school girls need to take their punishments. I felt him fucking me and I felt like such a slut for doing this for money.   I’d get paid a good deal for it but it wasn’t bad, . So he pounded my pussy and called me by his step daughter’s name. I soon felt him cum inside of me and he zipped up and thanked me. He told me to take the envelope on the corner of the desk. I took it and left. The envelope contained several weeks of pay. Playing a school girl straight out of fantasy sex stories can certainly have its rewards. I am really good at age play phone sex
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