Daddy Daughter bathtime is such fun!


For as long as I can remember, Daddy and I have shared many special times together and one of my favourites is Daddy Daughter bathtime. Perhaps it started innocently – I was too young to know. But Daddy always insisted to Mummy that he wanted to spend quality time with me when he came home from work. She thought that was so sweet and would relax with a glass of wine. He’d take care of me. And take care of me he did!

Indeed, Daddy has been taking care of me ever since.  He always made sure there were plenty of bubbles in the bath. The odd time Mummy came in, she wouldn’t notice how hard his cock was or how he was playing with my sweet young pussy. And I’d never tell. Why would I? I enjoyed it as much as him. In fact, I still do…

Even now that I’m married, we still share Daddy Daughter bathtime at every opportunity!

Nobody makes me feel the way Daddy does. Especially in the bathtub. The warm bubbly water, my naked body laying back against his. His arms wrapped around me and his hands rubbing over my young body.

He’d teach me how to wash myself and how to wash him. My little  hands helping Daddy clean his big fat cock. I’d laugh when I made it hard.  It always seemed to be hard when we had Daddy Daughter bathtime! But Daddy showed me how to help him rub it and kiss it to make it feel better.  Daddy told me it hurt so if I kissed it, it wouldn’t hurt anymore.

Daddy would always lay me out on the towel after bathtime so he could kiss my warm wet little body.

I really liked it when he kissed my sweet little pussy. It tickled.  We had lots of tickle time. Sometimes we’d even have tickle time when he tucked me into bed. Mummy loved drinking wine so Daddy always told her he’d tuck me in.

Tickle time was taken at any opportunity, but Daddy Daughter bathtime was the best. We’d splash around and have such fun! And it only got better the older I got. Daddy taught me so much and I became an expert deepthroater at a young age! I’d even blow bubbles with the cum.

As my body developed Daddy and I couldn’t keep our hands off each other.

He was my first and there’s such a special bond between us. The first time Daddy and I had sex – made love, I suppose – was after Daddy Daughter bathtime. He’d carried me into the bed he shared with Mummy and taught me how to be a woman. I had a tight bald pussy and budding breasts but I felt so special and grown up! Daddy told me we were tied forever and no matter what, I belonged to him. From that day on, Daddy and I became lovers and we still are today. NOBODY makes me feel like Daddy does.

We arrange little trips and weekends away. He loves me to flaunt my body on the beach. Just like I did when I was a teen and had my first nudist beach experience. He comes over to my house when my husband is away on business. And it always starts the same – with Daddy Daughter bathtime. Mmm… Sometimes it’s sweet and sensual and other times he treats me like the whore that he created.

I love being Daddy’s whore.

He calls me names, uses toys on me, and cums all over my face.  Daddy even has me dress up in a schoolgirl outfit. And you know what they say about naughty English schoolgirls! He keeps telling me he wants to breed me and says if I have a baby it has to be his. After all, I belong to him so it’s only right.

What do you think? Should I let Daddy plant his seed in me?

Do YOU want to be my Daddy? I promise I’ll be a good girl for Daddy.  Or perhaps even a naughty girl…