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I flopped down onto his lap sidesaddle style. Immediately I wrapped my arms around his neck and shoulders and pulled him into a hug. I knew wearing just a thin baggy t-shirt was going to get me fucked good and hard. But before the hot mother son incest, I was going to have some fun first.

“I am so happy you are home, honey!!!” I squealed near his head feeling him flinch forcing his nose into my neck. Then, I squeezed him tighter as my feminine center throbbed to life. I felt him slide his nose along my neck as he inhaled knowing I smelled like I always did.

Honeysuckle nectar, it is also how my skin tastes. Feeling his slight kiss and lick there was a surge of fluid with the swelling of my core.

“I missed you Mom.” He said in a husky whisper needing hot mother son incest action. Pushing his nose behind my earlobe and wiggling his face making me giggle.

Hugging his head tighter, like a headlock, I pushed his face into my breasts in response. I giggled more as I felt the leverage I was sitting on grow.

“Ummm Mommy’s Little Man is growing again,” I said with a naughty chuckle and a wiggled ass. My guarantee to win is that wiggle on his cock. Hard, thick, and pulsing for momma’s pussy already.

My head fell backward wards which he exploited as he retaliated by dragging his lips along my neck down, licking and nibbling kissing his way, and throbbing with fire for me as I was for him. His young hands so large and capable already though uncalloused always turn me on. I love their strength even if they are not completely confident yet.

Those hands make me desire hot mother son incest to blaze out of control.

I felt cool air on my breast one moment before his hot lips enclosed my nipple. He used his teeth to tug and nip the same breast that had nursed him.

Looking down at the sight made my womb quicken and pulse feeling staringly empty. Running my fingers through his hair I held him gently to me

Pulling myself from his lap and out of his mouth I stood up. I almost laughed at the cutest scowl on his face like when he was a baby. It had never really changed much.

Looking down at him I could easily see where his cock head had left a wet spot from weeping. Clear through his bottoms to the outside while there was a second wet spot I knew was from me leaking on him.

I could not wait any longer, I needed fucked by my son. I need his young cock filling me with his strength, then filling my pussy with his seed. Of course, I never allowed him to use condoms so that I can be filled with cum impregnated. And my playful mood had all but gone. It is time for some serious slutty mom action with hot mother son incest.

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