Here’s some ideas and  how to enjoy a little bit of cum.

Give him a BJ and don’t swallow. Have him lay you on your back and nail you a short time later while you hold it in your mouth. Him listening to you moan with his cum in your mouth will get him revved again. Periodically open your mouth and show him your lil treat. Maybe gargle it. But don’t swallow until he adds another load on top of it and the you should tell him you want to be nailed so hard that you can’t take it and have to spill sum. He will like that dirty idea too.

Other naughty little things you can do:

-You can give him a hand job over some food and then eat it.
-You can brush your teeth with his cum
-Have him cum on your clit and then finger yourself for him, rubbing all of the cum into your beautiful pussy
-Jerk him off into your lotion and then rub it all over your body
-Have him cum into the crotch of your panties in the morning, then wear them all day.

Enjoy your day my Cum Lovers,

“I’ve always considered myself naughty, always was the one called slut, and the one looking for the next lay.” –Cassandra