When I married my third husband I really wasn’t sure how I felt about having a ready-made family. My kids were grown and on their own but he had two teenagers, a son and a daughter. His fourteen-year-old daughter made it clear that was not her mom and was very cold and distant to me. But his 16-year-old son made it clear that he really liked having a hot stepmom. And I made it my business to show him how much I appreciated that.

My stepson, Brad, is such a handsome guy. He’s a football jock at his school and very popular with the girls. I went to one of his games when his dad was out of town and his sister was at her mother’s house. I cheered him on in the bleachers. He played a great game but his team lost. After the game, he didn’t want to hang with his friends or the sexy cheerleaders. He just wanted to come home. I told him I would fix him anything at all he wanted to eat to help lift his spirits. There’s nothing like comfort food to make you feel better.

When we got home he asked me, “Did you mean what you said? You’ll fix me anything I want to eat?” I said, “Yes Brad, of course.” He gave me a very sexy look and said, “But what if what I want to eat is not food at all? What if what I want to eat is something only you can give me?” My pussy started getting wet as I whispered, “So what do you want to eat?” He leaned in and slid his hand across my upper thigh and said. “I would love to eat your pussy and find out if it’s as sweet as I imagine it to be.”

He slid his hand up my skirt and pulled off my panties. I spread my legs wide open and he buried his head between my thighs. His tongue felt like a snake driving up in my pussy. He drove his tongue deeper and deeper in my wet juicy pussy and licked my clit and ate me out better than anyone ever has including his dad. I was moaning so hard and then he said, Step mommy, you taste so good. I want you to just sit on my face. Will you do that for me?

I didn’t answer him with words. I stripped off my clothes as he stripped as well and then spread my legs wide and sat on his face as I bent over and swallowed his eight-inch cock.

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