It was the night of the big game and my son’s team won. Some of the parents decided to order two stretch party buses to celebrate. One for our athlete sons and their girlfriends and one for us parents as the middle age experience. Being a single mom I was often the extra wheel on the bus. Somehow as we all loaded in there was a mix-up and I ended up on the young people’s party bus and my son ended up on the middle age bus. Seeing all these young, hot, sexy, and horny athletes really turned me on. Well, what can I say…what happens on the party bus stays on the party bus?

The lights were dim with just a neon blue glow that surrounded the ceiling of the bus. The music was pumping loud and a sexy female voice was singing in a breathy voice, “Ram it in the back door and make me scream”. All the girls were gyrating their hips to sexy hip-hop songs and all the guys were grabbing the girl’s asses and riding them from behind as the song suggested.

I was so turned on watching the sexy freak show that I slid my hand up my skirt and started rubbing my clit.

I didn’t think anyone would notice with all the flickering blue lights overhead. But someone did. One of my songs teammates. He was grinding a cheerleader and staring at my crotch. I could see his cock getting hard as he looked at me. And the more he looked the more played with my clit.

He turned from the young girl and passed her on to a teammate and inched over to me while holding on to the rail or the party bus. He stood in front of me to block anyone else’s view of my pussy. I slid my fingers all the way in and moaned to the sound of the bass pumping on the loudspeakers. He pulled out his cock and started stroking it.

As the bus turned a corner everyone swayed and laughed. I took my chance to lick the shaft of his long, fat cock. I slid my tongue from the balls to the head and sucked up his pre cum. He moaned with pleasure. As the driver made another quick turn my handsome young stud dove his face between my thighs and licked me with his wet tongue from the tip of my asshole across my wet pussy lips and wiggled along my clit. My pussy was on fire.

I had to fuck him and he knew it.


He reached his hand up and over to a switch on the wall and clicked it. Suddenly all the blue lights went out and the party bus was completely dark. The sexy song, “Ram it in the back door” kept playing as my young friend spread my legs and rammed his cock in my ass. I could tell the rest of the young folk were taking advantage of the darkness and fucking and sucking each other as well. The party bus had turned into an orgy bus. When the lights finally came on there was a ton of CUM on the PARTY BUS.

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