I’ve Always Been A  Cum Slut

I’ve always been a slut and most of my girlfriends are as well. I have lots of things I like to do, such cock, lick pussy, get fucked of course. One thing I’ve always enjoyed though is my cum fetish. Some girls as much as they might love sex can just be a bit, well, squeamish when it cums to cum and lots of it. I love it and I had a conversation with another friend of mine about it and she admitted she likes it as well. She swings both ways like I do, we are both bi. I mentioned my boyfriend was going out of town on business.

She Told Me He Was A Heavy Cummer

Se said she had plans with ones of her fuck buddies and would I like to join them and make it a threesome? She smiled and then slyly said how heavy a cummer he was. Well that sealed it for me. I could not resist if this guy was going to be shooting like a fire hose!  My cum fetish was out of control! lol . I went over to her place and he’d already arrived. He was a nice looking guy and I knew I could absolutely have some fun with him. We had some wine and then went into the bedroom.

I Couldn’t Wait To Share It With Her

We started by sharing his cock in a dual bow job.  Then we were on the floor and he was sitting on the edge of the bed and we were passing the cock back and forth. With her sucking his cock while I sucked on his balls. I lapped up his precum and then leaned in and gave her a big, wet French kiss to share. We soon had his jizz all over our faces and were kissing each other and licking it up. Like the cum covered whore’s that we are. He loved that we were both so into cum fetish.  And he said his loads were quite large and he knew some girls could be a bit put off by it. He really enjoyed it.

I spread all her pussy juices over his face

I rode his cock and she rode his face and he soon had her pussy juiceGisele loves cum fetish callss all over his face and I was dripping with his cum. She then told me to sit on her face while she licked out his cream pie. Fuck it was hot. She really was superb at licking pussy and she cleaned me out of every drop of it. I loved the way her slithering tongue felt on my pussy and I soon came yet again.

This threesome was the hottest sex I’d had in ages, my poor, clueless boyfriend had no clue what I was up to tonight. If only he’d known. I loved being sprayed with all this cum. It was all over my face and tits and still some dripped out of my cunt. I knew I’d definitely be up for more fun like this if I was asked to again. My boyfriend dribbles out a few drops and that’s about the end of it. I was being spoiled with rope after rope of this glorious cum. What a hot night!

Juicy Lil Gisele

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