One Of My Clients Loves To Eat His Cum On Food

One of my callers likes to show off on Skype and masturbate for me. He has a special little kink though, he doesn’t just masturbate, he like to cum

Gisele likes cum eating guys

on food and then eat it before the call ends. I’ve seen him up on his haunches and put his legs over his head and cum in his own mouth. I have had other callers into cum eating before. So I’ve seen the shooting of the load into their own mouth before. But the on food is a bit different. Once he came on popcorn and called it his “hot butter.”

He Ate Strawberries With His Own Cream

Since the nice fresh fruits of the season are in now. Last week I watched him stroke his big cock and he had a bowl of strawberries cut up. Then he shot his load all over them and ate them. Strawberries and his very own cream. He does have a large cock, and I like watching him pump it for me. He often uses both hands, sometimes with his fingers laced together it’s so thick. And he just pumps away at it until I can see his balls tighten up. And I know he’s getting ready to shoot that load over something.

I Love Watching Him Cum On Food

He’s just happy to have me watch his cum eating. He even told me he’s cum in ice cube trays and frozen it and added them to his drinks. His “cum cubes” as he calls it. When it was Easter not long ago, he made a comment about cum flavored chocolate. When I said there should be a way to make cum taste like chocolate, he said no, there should be chocolate that tasted like cum! I’ve never known any guy that loved his own jizz as much as this one does. And He sure never wastes a drop of it.

He Even Ate His Cum Out Of His Girls’ Pussy

He has a girlfriend and after they fuck, he of course licks out every drop of his cum out of her pussy. And  he said that’s one of his favorite parts about fucking a woman. And He likes having her sit on his face afterwards and having his globs of cum slide into her mouth. I asked him how long he’d been into cum eating. And he said his first girlfriend wanted him to go down on her after they fucked and that was it. He was addicted ever since, and no every time he masturbates, he licks up every drop and it gets him hard again.

He’s been watched by many girls he calls. And he likes to shock them a little bit. Since most have not seen the cumming on food bit and then eating it. So he gets enjoyment out of the shock factor too. I said as long as you don’t cum in anyone else’s food, have at it, enjoy your cum eating. He likes to not masturbate for a few days to build up a really big load. And then just lets it fly on his food choice of the day. Last month he had a bowl of ice cream and shot it onto that like some kind of topping. Hot fudge will never be the same!

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