Cum Eating, Lick the Cum From My Tits As Punishment!

Cum eating is your punishment for failing me! Steve in my office now I demanded. I stood waiting for the shy awkward but very handsome man to walk past me into my office. As soon as he had entered I shut and locked the door. He turned his eyes wide because he saw what I did. “Ms. Simone, its time to go home for the day and I have already clocked out.”  The fear in his voice just turned me on more.

“Sit Steve, we have to discuss something very important and it cannot wait.” Instead of going around my desk I stood directly in front of him and pulled his seat close to me and motioned for him to sit.

He did with some hesitation. For pity’s sake, I rolled my eyes and leaned my ass back onto the edge of my desk. I knew I was intimidating him standing here in his bubble so to speak. “Steve you screwed up the financial report again this month. This is the third time this has happened. Why should I keep you around if you are so incompetent?” I asked but not really wanting to hear the answer.

“Oh fuck, shut up”

Beginning to stutter a little then full fledge begging he was becoming less attractive to me. “Oh fuck, shut up” I groaned. I lifted my legs and placed my feet directly onto his thighs. In this position, I spread my legs slightly and tugged my skirt upward. He could see that I had no panties on and at his current viewpoint that is all he could see.

“Ms. Simone, again whining but with a huskier voice this time, please I don’t understand.” he groaned. Using my foot I began to caress his crotch. “Mmm, you do want me, don’t you bad boy” I purred.

I slipped my fingers into my pussy finger fucking myself while he watched. Doing this made me cum all over my fingers. While he watched I began eating the cum from my wet sticky fingers.

“This is how it works, you will fuck me anytime I want to be fucked and how I want to be fucked. From now on Steve, you are my fuck toy. Do you understand?” Shaking his head and still eyeing my pussy he was obviously speechless. I stood and slowly removed my clothes. He was staring boldly at my tits. So I began to massage them and pull at the nipples. “You like my huge tits don’t you Steve?” I grinned. Sliding down I pulled his cock out and slid it between my tits. “You are also going to enjoy eating cum from them.”

Cum eating off my tits!

“Titty-fuck me, Steve, you are my fuck toy and I want to taste your cock as it fucks me,” I said as I slipped my tongue out to taste the head of his dick. Shaking and squeezing my huge double DD’s around his thick meaty cock I fucked him hard. I knew he was getting close and I wanted him to cum all over me. “I demand you cum on my tits, my face, my tongue Steve!” So he did. All over I had cum dripping off my face and my nipples. I pulled his face down and made him lick it up. He did not want to at first but I forced him to eat cum.

“This is your punishment but you are going to learn to love it because it turns me on to share your cum with you” So we both licked my huge titties and cleaned them of the all that yummy cum. As it turns out Steve was very greedy and loved eating cum.

Do you need some encouragement to eat cum? I am the nasty little slut to make that happen. I will have you guzzling every drop and begging for more. YOU are my greedy cum slut NOW.

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