Sadist Mistress ~ Step Into My Dungeon I will Punish You For Pleasure

Sadist Mistress ~ Step Into My Dungeon I will Punish You For Pleasure! I know your scared because it is your first time. That is okay, I want you scared. I want you quivering in fear. However, if your strong and show me no fear I will just take more pleasure from breaking you!

A long time ago my boyfriend at the time slapped me across my face during sex. It frightened me. However, I noticed the rougher he was the wetter my pussy got. Before he was finished with me I could not get off unless I was being abused. Then I one day I was just not in the mood and slapped his balls. I knew he would retaliate and possibly kill me but I was angry. As soon as I squeezed his balls in my hand after that slap I saw the pleasure explode on his face. I LOVE IT!

Relinquish your control

I was born that day. He thrilled the more I humiliated him and tortured his body. So come into my domain and relinquish your control to me. You have recognized that you are a pathetic piece of shit and deserve to be punished. That is why you have come to me.

When you arrive you are to remove all your clothes. You will wear this leather mask so that I am not tortured at seeing your disgusting face. You are no one to me. Nothing more than a faceless cock. NEVER look directly at me pig.

Next, you will place your collar around your neck and walk into my chambers. Once there worm you will kneel at the bar and clip your leash onto your collar. Remaining there you know you cannot move until I command you.

I walk up behind you and slowly trace your shoulders and spine with my riding crop. Giving you the lightest touch but you are frightened so you flinch and draw away from me. Because of that, I give you the slightest of taps to your right shoulder. NEVER pull away from your Sadist Mistress.

Standing in front of you in my black latex and high boots. I tickle your balls with the tip of my whip. Very good worm you stayed still. You are learning. Unbuckling the leash I tug on it pulling you to your feet, I whip around, down you fuck. On your knees! You will crawl behind me. I walk to my wooden horse. Get on it slave! Do as your Sadist Mistress demands of you.

You deserve punishment!

You came here today because you have a desire to become a masochist. I am your Sadist Mistress and I will punish you as you deserve to be punished. You do deserve to be punished. Disgusting filthy ass you need a good hard drilling. I lash your hands and feet down to the horse.

Walking over to the wall I slip into my strapon. Your eyes widen. Standing directly in front of you I lube my 10-inch cock. I force it into your mouth. Suck it, bitch. Take it all as I force it into your throat. Grabbing your head I force you to take it deeper. Gagging on it tears form in your eyes. I pull it out and leave you drooling onto the floor and hanging your head limply.

Suddenly, you jerk upward as you feel my paddle come down hard on your ass cheeks. Over and over again I paddle you. I want this ass bright red and sore before I plow your tiny virgin ass.

Your moaning and screams spur me on and I don’t stop until you are whimpering. Then I walk over and get cream from my shelf. I rub it slightly into the cherry red soreness of your ass. Then I lube your asshole. Deep I finger your ass making it very wet with the lube. You are really enjoying the fingering very much.

Scream BITCH!

You love your Sadist Mistress! That is when you feel the head of my cock slipping into the stretched asshole. Your whole body shivers and I can tell how much you want it. I did not gag you worm because I want to hear your screams! So scream BITCH! I slammed deep into your ass! I continue to ram your hole until you are screaming for mercy.

NEVER forget that I am YOUR Sadist Mistress and you will return once a month to be beaten and used like a little whore worm.

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