Erotic Asphyxiation, Please Daddy Choke Me As I Cum!

Erotic Asphyxiation, Please Daddy Choke Me As I Cum! Daddy, you make me cum so hard and it feels so good. However, when you slide your hand around my neck and squeeze just as I am cumming it makes me explode so hard I see stars bursting in my head.

The first time I experienced erotic asphyxiation was completely a shock. Daddy and I had been arguing all evening. He had caught me flirting with a friend of his. He accused me of cheating which I had not and adamantly denied it! However, in my anger, I admitted to him that I had fantasized about his friend while fucking him.

It was at that moment that I knew I had crossed the line and I was going to be severely punished. At first, I imagined he would leave me. Just pack his belongings and go. Then he stormed toward me with a determination I had never seen before glistening in his eyes. I backed up like an animal in the wild would when they came within eye contact of a predator. I did not run instead, I froze.

My pussy was dripping!

Without saying a word he lifted me harshly tossing me over his shoulder like an old bag. He then walked into the bedroom slammed the door and tossed me haphazardly onto the bed. I was so turned on by his barbaric treatment of me that my pussy was dripping. I had never been this sexually hungry before. It got even better when Daddy later introduced me to erotic asphyxiation!

I jumped from the bed and screaming that he was an oversized bully and a perfect asshole I stormed toward the door. He easily snatched me back up and threw me roughly onto the bed. This continued as he undressed him and me.  By the time, we were naked and entangled on the bed he did not waste any time but slammed his cock deep inside me! I was already to the point of explosion when after only 3 massively hard thrusts I felt my body betray me. My pussy clenched hard around his dick as the first wave of orgasm passed through me.

Erotic Asphyxiation made me cum so hard!

It was in that moment that Daddy reached down and placed his hand around my throat slightly choking me. His large rough hand squeezing my throat cutting off my air. The look of unrestrained desire like shards of glass was the last thing I saw as everything went black and suddenly like fireworks in the night sky everything inside me exploded into a million pieces. I came so hard that it was if I was pissing all over his fucking cock. I soaked him, the bed, everything from the most massive orgasmic climax of my life. It is safe to say that erotic asphyxiation was the key to make me cum harder than I ever could without it!

It was scary to put my life in his hand, literally but I trusted him completely! After all, he was mad enough to throttle me! Instead, he proved to me that I did not have to fantasize about anyone else! He could give me ALL that I could ever need!

Much like a phone sex operator my Daddy was prepared to always give in to all my kinky desires. There were no limits with him and I promise no limits with you when you call me at Phone Sex Kingdom to be your naughty little playmate!