Rape Role Play, Cheating Wife gets Violently Punished!

My husband who is the CEO of a major corporation recently punished me severely for my betrayal and disgrace. Since he works so much I am often left home alone. He keeps a strong hand on everything financial so retail therapy is not allowed. I have my spa days where I am allowed to pamper myself in order to maintain my self to the status for which I hold as his wife.

So gardening and the few other hobbies are how I spend my days. Until I decided to take up yoga! He thought it was a good idea because it would tone my body and make me more limber for him in bed. So he did not hesitate to hire me a personal trainer which would meet me at my home 5 days a week.

The trainer he hired was through service. He requested a female. The morning she was to arrive I was ready my mats were in place my incense burning and soft meditative music playing in the background.

A young black man stood where I thought a white female would be?

I opened the door to a handsome young black man. He was wearing yoga attire and carrying a mat. I am Jordan. The service sent me over. I was shocked because I knew my husband would have only wanted a woman instructing me. I am sorry I said, you were supposed to be female. He laughed and said I assure you I have and always will be male.

I loved his smile it was intoxicating. I decided to be a bit rebellious. Please come in I waved him inside. Do you want me to call the service and request a female for you? We do not wish for you to be nervous. He seemed so at ease. He was comfortable to be around. No, that is fine. Let’s get started, shall we?

He was very sensual and fluid with his body and mine. Over the weeks my husband noticed a good change in my mood and in my body. He was pleased and every time he would ask something about the trainer or suggest I give a tip to Jordan I never corrected his hers to him. I knew I would be in trouble if he found out.

Over time he never noticed though and Jordan and I become closer until eventually, we fucked. We fucked a lot until one day Jordan never showed up and I called the service and asked for him. We never texted because of my husband. They said my husband had canceled their services. I grew very concerned and angry. I was also hurt because I had no way of reaching Jordan. We had intentionally kept our relationship a secret and never communicating outside of his time in my home.

My husband had cameras placed around our home!

That afternoon my husband’s secretary called me to his office. I walked in and he tossed an envelope in front of me. I pulled out pictures of me and Jordan fucking in multiple rooms of our home. You placed cameras up around the house and did not tell me about it?

Yes, there have been significant changes in you lately. I thought you had turned lesbian and was fucking your yoga instructor as that is the only possible case. Until I saw these and realized that JORDAN is a fucking black man! How dare you defile yourself and disgrace me like this? He was so angry his face was nearly purple.

Are you going to divorce me, I asked scared and looking at the floor. Look at me Simone, he demanded. I have every right to and I should but that would bring even more disgrace to me. I will never allow this to see the light of day. However, you go home and wait because I have a punishment in mind for you that you will NEVER forget!

I sat at home scared what he was going to do to me when he arrived home. I had nothing and no family so if he threw me out I had no idea how to survive. He had married me straight out of high school. I did not have an education and no working skills. He had made me vulnerable and dependant on him.

I was scared waiting for my punishment!

The doorbell rang, I opened it to find a large man standing there. I had seen him sometimes when my husband used security. Can I help you? I asked nervously. Your husband sent me. He shoved the door opened and walked in almost knocking me over.

You are a nigger loving fucking nasty ass whore is what your husband said and I am here to punish you. When I am finished you are to remain in this house for one week. Your husband will be back at the end of that time. You are to speak to no one or communicate with no one until his return. Do you understand these rules? Yes, but I don’t understand what is my punishment? He backhanded me across my cheek. I felt as if my face would explode. I am! he said.

He ripped my silk blouse open and tore at my clothes shredding them as he tossed me about like a rag doll. Slapping me over and over and punching me in the stomach. I was lying on the floor in a heap of blood that was pouring from my nose when he grabbed me by the hair and drug me into the living room.

Your husband particularly wanted this done here because apparently, this is where your nigger lover violated you over and over! He kicked me in my side and I think a rib broke. He sank to his knees between my legs and ripped my panties from me. NO please stop I begged. I realized then it was not just a beating but a rape! Oh my God please stop. I will leave please just stop this!

This was more than just a beating!

Your husband said to tell you that you can never fucking leave and if you ever break his trust again he would send two of us and so on! He pulled his dick out. Now you disgusting bitch since you want cock so badly take mine, he shoved it deep into my throat, don’t think about biting me because I will break your jaw! I believed him so I tried to relax as much as possible. He fucked my throat hard and fast until I was gagging and puking!

He then rolled me over onto my stomach and spread my legs shoved his cock deep in my ass without any lube and I screamed until I nearly passed out from the pain! After he had violated me horribly he pulled out and shoved it in my pussy where he cum hard!

He stood and wiping off himself with my tattered clothing. He reached in his pocket and threw something down at my head. I lay there not moving afraid to waiting for him to leave or abuse me more. I opened my eyes and saw a pill laying there. He said with a laugh in his voice. take that it is the morning after pill. Your husband does not want any of my bastards growing in your belly!

Remember, don’t speak to anyone and don’t be stupid anymore!

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