Cheating Sex Stories-My Brother in Law Is A Horrible Man!

I made one mistake and I would pay for it for the rest of my life. I love my husband and we have an amazing life. I did something I was forever ashamed of.

One day while in town I bumped into a man literally but soon as our eyes met I knew him. Cody is that you? I asked breathlessly my heart skipping a beat. Simone, he looked shocked. Oh my god, I thought you left this one horse town and swore never to look back, I laughed. What brings you home, Cody?

He smiled that glorious smile and my heart began melting like it had done when we were kids and he was the football all-star and I was the leader of the cheerleaders. We had fucked like rabbits back then and everyone knew we were destined to be married. That was obviously not the case since he left me and I married another man, a good man and had 3 wonderful children with him.

He stroked my cheek and my pussy clenched!

You brought me back, Simone. I just wanted to see you one last time. You see I am finally settling down and getting married. I know you are not available but I just needed one last time with you before I say goodbye forever.

I felt like I had been hit by a truck, I stood in silence processing what he told me. He stroked my cheek like he always did and my pussy clenched at his familiar touch. I became instantly horny.

I could not refuse him, I never could. I followed him to his hotel room and the world melted away along with our clothes. I lay tangled around him, our bodies wreathing together. My breasts caressing his chest and feeling the roughness of his chest hair against my sensitive nipples.

Sexually, we were magic together!

When he finally slid inside me a thousand stars burst inside my head and I came so hard shower his dick soaking him and the bed. His touch was like magic. We were magic together. He knew every spot on my body that turned me on and I was his. We were meant to fuck.

That night while still floating happily along, my brother-in-law came over unannounced as he does and after supper, he trapped me in the hallway and showed me pictures on his phone of me going into the hotel with my friend and coming out kissing at the car.

I was shocked and scared. What are you going to do? That was only a one-time thing. Please don’t tell Roger, I promise it is never going to happen again. I started crying he shushed me with his disgusting stinky finger.

I won’t tell and ruin yours and the kid’s perfect life but you’re going to suck my cock and fuck me anytime I please or its all over! Understand me whore?

He face fucked me so hard it made me puke!

I pushed him into the bathroom and begged him on my knees to please don’t do this. He pulled out his gross dick and shoved it into my mouth. I gagged until I was crying. He face fucked me so hard that I started puking as soon as he pulled his cock out of my mouth. While I sat on my bathroom floor gagging and puking he stepped over my body and told me he owned me now.

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