I love drinking my boyfriends cum. Especially in the morning. Morning sex is the best to me because my body is so relaxed and flexible. When I opened my eyes the sun was barely peeking through the curtains. He was sleeping beside me and didn’t have a clue that I was about to wake him up with a special surprise. As he slept I slowly began to massage his cock and balls. He was deep in slumber but as soon as I started to jerk him off he began to move around. I whispered, “Good morning sexy”. His rod was getting harder as I stroked it and licked his ear lobe. He groaned a bit and returned the greeting to me. I was reaching from behind so my tits were gently rubbing against his back as stroked his hard dick.

My body was shaking from the way he was making me feel. I licked the back of his neck. His ear lobe and then his shoulder. Slowly making my way down to licking the small of his back. I massaged his back gently before slowly turning him over and finding my way to his shaft. It was throbbing and hard as ever. My pussy started to pulsate. I could hear his breathing getting deeper as I stretched my sexy tongue over the tip of his pre-cum oozing head. The sticky sweet pre-cum overwhelmed my taste buds and I was immediately and instinctively ready to receive him deeply inside of me.

I deep throated his entire cock and balls, releasing my gag reflex, by just allowing the fullness of my boyfriends cock to invade my mouth and throat. He placed his hand on the back of my head and begged me not to stop. He told me he loved me just as I was starting to slip two fingers inside of tight asshole. I knew that if I massaged the inside of his prostate while sucking his large cock I would definitely milk his balls just the way I liked it. My two fingers were lubed with my saliva as it globbed from my mouth onto his shaft and down his balls. He started fucking my face uncontrollably. I tried to tell him that he could fuck me as hard as he wanted but I could barely talk from having a mouth full of dick.


I could feel his prostate swelling as I stroked it with my two fingers inserted into his tight juicy asshole. He was about blow. He arched his back. His nipples were hard and he was biting his lips. My face was being rammed hard with his cock and he didn’t care that I could barely breathe. Shit I didn’t care either! He let a loud cry of pleasure, “FUCK!!!!” And then it happened. Mounds and mounds of hot cum flooded my mouth. So much cum spewed from his throbbing cock. It must have been at least a cups worth of cum. I choked and gagged as I struggled to take it all down my throat. I eventually got control back and just starting gulping every pump that came out of his dick. Wow! I don’t think he had cum so hard before in his life. He cooked breakfast after that and I was good for the rest of the day! Cum really does do a body good.

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