I used to be a good girl, I bet you can’t believe that though.

It’s probably hard to imagine me, a total cum addict bimbo, in conservative clothing and without these big giant breast implants. It’s true though, I was even a full-time Sunday school teacher. Now I spend my high holy days at the strip club and hooking up with guys I have met on Tinder.

Some people maybe would describe me as having a sex addiction and they’re probably right. I was a virgin up until my late teens but after my first one-night stand, I was hooked. Becoming a cum addicted bimbo was just the natural progression of things. It’s also the only thing natural about me LOL 😉

I joke sometimes that I haven’t actually had any plastic surgery.

It’s just all those “jizz shakes” I chug down straight from the testicles. My hair wasn’t always platinum blonde either, being a cum addict bimbo did that to me too. Do you ever notice how all slutty whores have the same look? it’s something in the semen, I swear to god!

Guys always make jokes at the club about how I and my girlfriends all look the same. I’m sure you’ve noticed that the biggest cum addict bimbo phone sex girls here all favor one another. Well, babe, it’s not because we’re related although we do have one major kink in common.

I thought about reaching out to a therapist on how I should handle my new found cum addict bimbo lifestyle.

So I did and the doctor suggested I get a job as a phone sex operator. Yes, it seemed a little unconventional at the time but he made great points about how this would only benefit my cravings for sexual gratification as well as simplify my endless cravings for cock.

I started selling dirty panties to pay my bills, stripping at the club, and doing phone sex.

It’s really hard to hold down a traditional job when you’re this far gone the rabbit hole. After I uncovered exactly what was going on with me, I attempted to play it vanilla and be undercover. Soon enough it became clear that my days as a Sunday school teacher were long over and that I wouldn’t be working at the grocery store check-out ever again.

One of my favorite callers had a great idea recently for the cum addict bimbo crew here at PSK.

Did you ever have a “field day” at school when you were younger? Picture that but it’s the Battle Of The Bimbos: Blondes vs Brunettes. Naturally, I am the team captain of The Blondes and I have been putting my girls through rigorous slut training. Unsurprisingly, I’ve never once heard any of my girls complain about the tasks required as a part of their practice tasks.


If you’d like to hear more about that, you’ll need to call me. I suggest setting up and 2-girl or 3-girl call with myself and one of my teammates OR better yet, let’s pick out one of The Brunettes so you can listen to us face off to see who is the BEST cum addicted bimbo here at The Kingdom.


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke