“Have you seen the Mistress’s dick gallery?”, my apprentice and Domme-in-training inquired.

You sheepishly nod your head to her, devastated by her raw beauty and your inability to ever bag a woman like that. Looking down at your shoes the thoughts start to race around that big dumb head of yours. Should you have just stuck to fetish phone sex after all? Will you end up in the mistress’s dick gallery soon enough as well? 

The clicking of my 7″ heels pulls you from your daydream. 

Our last session together resulted in you getting pushed further than you had before. I turned you into a cum addict bimbo with a preference for only the biggest of black cocks. You posed for my cameras with a literal shit-eating grin as I took your portrait. The photo looks great in the mistress’s dick gallery, by the way.  Everyone compliments it when they notice your testicles hang out the sides of that pink lace g-string I put you in. Do they laugh? Of course, Little Bitch. But none laugh harder than the other mistresses here at the dungeon. 

I’ve asked a few other Dommes from the Phone Sex Kingdom to add their own works of art to your Mistress’s Dick Gallery. 

Looks like we even have a few photos of John from accounting at your office. Doesn’t his little pecker just POP with all those clothespins on it? If you look closer you will see that there are exactly thirty-six pins strategically placed on his scrotum and ball sack. John’s hands are bound behind his back, a ball gag has been placed into his big fat mouth, and drool drips down his cheeks. The sweetest part? Check out how adoringly he looks up at the lens of my camera with such devotion. 

Another masterpiece has caught your eye while strolling down the hallway to my dungeon. 

Is that you son? Awwwwwwwwww- and he has a q-tip with icey hot globbed on it and stuck into his cum hole. Just like his Daddy, huh? He’s been seeing me ever since he could drive. Funny enough ol sonny boy said he found my information via a business card you accidentally left in the bathroom..along with a sack of coke. He learned it from YOU, Dad. He truly learned it all from you!

You turn around and look back down the hall to the receptionist desk, counting the frames in your Mistress’s Dick Gallery one last time. It’s extensive and displayed as both a visual resume and homage to her craft.

Just as you are taking in the full collection one last time before the session starts the lights go out and the entire space is blacked out. 

Suddenly your stomach is in knots, your nuts suck up into your body and that cute asshole tightens up. Heavy and hard footsteps begin tromping from the back room and you hear the demanding yet still delicate tips of my heels lead away…


Who do you think showed up for you? 



Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke