My Boyfriend Had A Little Problem Of Cumming Too Quickly

I love my boyfriend, and his cock isn’t that small or anything. But he doesn’t last as long as I’d like him to. And I want someone that can last. Not too long ago, I overheard a conversation he was having with his best friend who was bragging about how long he could last. And I think that made my boyfriend jealous. It sure made me more interested in his friend. I’d not really thought of cuckolding my boyfriend. Since you usually think of ones doing that if their cock is too small. But now that I’d heard he

Gisele is cuckolding her man

could last and last, I was curious to give him a whirl.

I Was Getting Really Close To His Friend

Each time his friend came over, I was getting closer and closer to him. And I finally told him I’d heard him say how long he could last. I told him I kind of wanted to try him out and he smiled. And said he’d love to show me just what he could do in the bedroom. I mentioned this to my boyfriend later on that evening and at first he was a bit shocked. But then he seemed to warm up to the idea of watching us together. So we all talked together about it and decided we would try it the next night. We were all in my boyfriend’s bedroom, his friend and myself on the king sized bed. My boyfriend sitting in a chair in the corner watching us as he stroked his cock.

His Friend Was Bigger,Thicker, And Better

I was on all fours, getting that cock in my pussy from behind. My tits swaying with every thrust into my cunt. This guy really could last, he made me cum several times and he was nowhere near to being finished himself. My boyfriend was a multiple cummer and he’d shot several loads watching as we were cuckolding him right there. I liked his friend’s cock better, it was a bit bigger, quite a bit thicker. And I didn’t feel rushed, I didn’t feel like there was pressure for me to hurry up and cum. Fuck I hate when guys make me feel that way, I could just relax and let each orgasm overtake me. My boyfriend watching had this ridiculous grin on his face as he watched me get fucked by his friend. Who knew cuckolding could be so much fun?

I Was Cuckolding My Boyfriend And He Loved It

I looked over as my boyfriend, his eyes like saucers. He watched as my cunt was plunged in and out of by his best friend. And his cock was slippery wet from cum of his previous orgasms. As he pumped it in his quickly moving hands as his friend pounded the living daylights out of my cunt. He asked if I had cum enough yet, and I said I was nearly at another orgasm. So once I came, he finally shot his load. And wow, I had his hot jets of cum spraying my pussy and then dripping back down the insides of my thighs. We were all cummed out and exhausted after our fuckfest of cuckolding. I liked it and want to do it again for sure.

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