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I can tell his cock is rising in his pants with how tight they got around his waist all of the sudden.

He takes my hands and moves them down to his cock through his pants. My pussy gets immediately wet feeling the girth of his cock. He starts admitting that his son’s cock is not as big as him and even if it were he would not be able to use it as well as he can. I am so fucking down for some hot Cuckolding Boyfriend Sex. He turns around and pushes his cock against my tummy. We kiss as he strips me out of my clothes and is admiring my young tight body. There is not a blotch of hair on me. My nipples are erect, my tummy is toned, my pussy is bald and dripping. His turn. I undress him and look down at his body, undoing his pants. He was right. His cock is fucking incredible. I take him in my mouth. Hugging him down my throat.


He tastes so good and it feels amazing to have a grown man’s big hands around my head and his even bigger cock past my tonsils.

I squeeze him in and out of my throat. Licking his hot rod all over. His manly pumps make my mouth water as much as my ever-so-wet pussy. My face is flushed and I am literally so dying to get stuffed by his cock. He picks me up and puts my ass on the counter. He wraps my legs around his waist and I squeeze his cock trying to shove it inside of me. It all a sudden is hitting me as my boyfriend walks through the door that I am having Cuckolding Boyfriend Sex. His dad’s cock is now so rammed all the way inside of me and I can not help myself. I am looking at my boyfriend in the eyes as I am cumming hard on his dad’s cock. He notices also that his son is here and he so does not stop either.


He is grabbing my ass and ramming himself harder and faster inside of me.

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