Hard Forced Sex sometimes happens when you are a little fucking tease like I am!

I went over to my neighbor’s house hoping to swim in his pool and maybe even get a little attention from him. As soon as I was there he came out and greeted me. “I want to go swimming, do you feel like swimming with me?” He agrees and gets naked. His cock is huge, I can not believe what I see! He tells me he does not want to go inside to put his bathing suit on. It sounds like a good idea to me! I strip out of my bikini, standing there with my hard nipples and bald pussy. I am sure this will lead to some Hard Forced Sex since I know I want to do stuff with him but he is so much older than I am. Since he is older I know he will want more than what I want to give up completely.

He grabs my naked body and pulls it close to him, letting his cock force its way in-between my thighs.

He is looking at me, “Why don’t you get on your hands and knees and take my big daddy dick in that pretty little mouth of yours.” I want to tell him no and to go home but I don’t. After a little rebuttal, I so agree to get on my filthy whore little knees and take his rod down my throat. I suck and tug on it, thrusting him all the way down my throat. It is getting a little hard to breathe so I try to pull up off his cock, begging for him to stop. He relentlessly rams himself deeper. “No please stop,” I try to get words out around his cock. This is going to lead to Hard Forced Sex if I do not get up and leave now. My pussy is so dripping. I want it, right? I am asking for it?

“Okay, I will let you up from sucking my cock so that you can have a little bit of air.”

I am happy it is over. Isn’t it? He forces me on my back and gets on top of me. He is demanding that if I do not want it in my mouth any longer then how about my tiny tight little twat. I squirm and beg. I tell him that I only wanted him to find me pretty and that I am not ready to have his big fat cock balls deep inside of me. No matter how hard I try to resist his grip, he holds me down tighter. This is Hard Forced Sex. He is going to split me in half! His cock slides inside of my little pussy, splitting it in half. I look down and I am in awe. His cock is going so deep and it won’t stop going all the way in and out. “Please stop, please no more it is way too big.”

In between my moans, I beg for his mercy.

His cock is getting ready to creampie me. He claims that this is what happens to little teases like me. This has gone too far way too quickly, but I guess he is right. I was asking for it. I was asking for Hard Forced Sex and to get creampied like the little fuck whore that I am. My pussy is soaked and filled from his hot juicy jizz. My little hole is all the way full.  After he is done, I get up and walk home. He is happy with the outcome and I think I am okay with it too. His cock still feels like it is inside of me. Maybe I will finger the cum now deeper inside my pussy hole.

This Hard Forced Sex was really hot despite that I resisted it. It is making me have flashbacks of the time that I had raw bareback sex. Who so even likes condoms anyway? Ew!

Anyways, fetish phone sex is hot and a lot of fun! If you are so looking to explore things a little more naughty come play with me! Lets get naughty and nasty together!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke