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I had been chatting online with this guy for the better part of a year. And we often exchanged stories of our kinky sexual escapades and then a few weeks ago he said he would be in my city on business for a few days. He asked me if I would I be interested in meeting up and doing something naughty considering what sex fiends we both were? I thought it over and decided I couldn’t resist. He said he’d never had a girlfriend cuckold him and he’d always wanted to. But he knew none of them would be into it. Is there any way I’d consider bringing along my fuck budcuckold lover Giseledy and we could fuck in front of him?

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I was wild enough to go for it. And I asked my current fuck buddy if he was game and he was. We agreed to meet for one night, in his hotel room. We’d exchanged pics before, so we knew what each other looked like. His dick was kind of small when I saw it. So the whole cuckold thing didn’t really surprise me that he was into this. He asked if I’d suck my friend for him. And he got behind me and held my head and pushed it forward .So each thrust of my friend’s cock was even deeper down my throat. I was gagging and loving being watched in this manner.

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He let go of my head as the salty load of cum was shot down my throat. And he was stroking his little dick with great enthusiasm as he watched me swallow the load. My fuck buddy can cum multiple times and usually stays hard in between rounds.Which was a bonus. So I got on the bed on all fours and he quickly entered me from behind. My cuckold friend watched us go at it until I was rewarded with a pussy full of cum. My cunt clenched around his cock as I came and milked every last drop of his sperm into my thirsty cave. I was dripping, literally, it was streaming down my thighs. Then he meekly asked if he could be so bold as to be allowed to lick it up.

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Ah, a true cuckold, one that’s into cream pie. I nodded yes and as I remained in the doggy position. I leaned forward on my elbows and he started to lick me from behind. And the room echoed with his slurping of my cum filled pussy. He was pretty good at licking pussy.

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