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I have a dirty secret. I have a sugar daddy that’s helping me with my bills. But it’s not your standard sugar daddy situation. This older man has a tiny dick and he’s used to being a cuckold in his relationships. He genuinely gets turned on by women laughing at him and making fun of him. And he asked when he met me if I had any friends that would be happy to do that. I said yes, I had a few that enjoyed humiliating men and would call him some names if he wished. He was good at licking pussy. I will give him that. And he said his favorite would be if I’d come by after a date when I was full of cum. And he could lick it out. He’d give me even more money if I could d that for him and I was happy to do so.

My Bills Were Getting Paid And My Pussy Eaten

I was getting my bills paid down and my pussy eaten regularly by this older cuckold crazy guy. And it was working out fine. As promised, I got a few of my girlfriends together and he was the main attraction. Sitting in a chair in the middle of the room rubbing his two inch dick. As we sat around and laughed and watched him rub his nub like a clit. My friends were laughing at him and making taunts. All the while it turned him on more and he was rubbing his tiny dick for all it was worth. And a couple of drops went on his thigh, that was it. We laughed and then applauded for him.

I Would Never Let Him Fuck Me

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He knew I’d never let him fuck me. But he asked how I felt about if he got a face harness dildo thing strapped on. And I could ride his face for an up close look at what it would be like to watch it going in and out of my cunt. I laughed at the very idea of it. But he was serious and said he’d pay extra. Ok, fine, I’ll take you money for being a deprived cuckold. He had it the next time I stopped over. And he put it on and I got on his face and rode it til I came. All the while looking at his stiff, little two inch dicklett hard a stone between his thighs. I certainly wasn’t going to touch it though!

He watched as my cunt lips slid up and down the shaft of the toy, my juices running copiously from my pussy down and onto his chin. His tongue trying to catch wayward drops as I was so wet and dripping. Finally came and rolled over and he took the harness off his face. And buried his face between my thighs to lick me clean of all my wetness. The cuckold was a good pussy licker and I was soon cumming again from his working that tongue all over my clit. I should have found some sugar daddy like this years ago, it was financially rewarding, that’s for sure and he was always around to lick my pussy if I was in the mood for it.

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