I’ve got something special planned for you, a cuckold strip tease seduction.

The issue with anything cuckolding, let alone a cuckold strip tease seduction, is that cuckolds never want to be the main focus. And yet, you cuckolds are the focus; all of it depends on pointing out how utterly disappointing you are. 

So I’ve whipped up a little something. It’s mostly for me, and my partner– not you. I just text you to let you know I’ll be home, and fucking, within the hour. My partner and I are currently hot and sweaty on the dance floor. We grind against each other, his very large cock pressing against my ass. I turn around to hold him, pressing my breasts against him.

To make it clear I’m a naughty cheating girlfriend, I lean up to his ear and ask him if he wants to get out of here, maybe come back to my place. It’s pretty easy. “My boyfriend is out of the house tonight.” 

While we wait outside for a taxi, he’s chewing on my neck, telling me about all the things he’s going to do to me. I take a quick picture of my neck, playfully telling my partner that I plan to get back at him for the hickeys. It’s hard to hide them from you. 

I don’t tell my partner how much you love it. 

And when we arrive at the house, and we head to the bedroom, you’re nowhere to be seen. Though, my closet is suspiciously open. Just slightly. 

Operation cuckold strip tease seduction is in motion.

Stripping and Seduction

I pull off my scarf and use it to push my partner into the chair. “I told you I’m going to make you regret marking me up.” There’s no edge to my voice. Instead, it’s a husky promise my partner seems to love.

I toss the scarf aside and apologize for the noises this old house makes. My partner laughs and shrugs, tossing off his shirt and unzipping his pants quickly, stroking himself. As I thought, he’s quite large indeed. Unconsciously, I lick my lips. 

“You’re still going to have to wait,” I tease him, and I slowly unbutton my shirt, one by one from bottom to top. When I get to my breasts, I move to the top buttons and undo them from top to bottom. I aim to make him wait. 

And it works. Frustrated, he groans and throws his head back.

I smirk and unzip my skirt, letting it fall to the floor. I sit on the edge of the bed and open up my legs, taking off my stockings, heels already downstairs at the entryway. Next, I pop off the last remaining buttons. And they do pop off. I’ll have you fix them for me later. 

My partner watches with rapt attention. Smirking, I slide my fingers down the band of my panties, making him watch as I take one foot out, leaving them on my left foot. Right after, my closet creaks. 

Finally, I slip my panties off my foot and kick them at him. They miss his head but land on his shoulder. My closet creaks– the cuckold strip tease seduction is moving into the seduction phase. I lean forward off the bed, my legs going wide. My pussy quivers as he gazes intently on it. 

It’s all up to my partner, now.

Pushed to the Limit

That’s when he snaps. It takes a moment before he’s pouncing out of the chair and stalking forward. His big, thick hands grab my waist and he shoves me into the bed. Instinctively, my legs part open for him, giving him a place to land. In fact, he shoves me so hard onto the bed, my closet doors shake open even further. 

“Gonna fuck you like you need it, slut.” And he does. As promised, his cockhead pushes against my hole and stretches me wide. Despite my efforts, I can’t open my legs enough to adjust to it. Instead, I’m just forced to feel every inch of his cock pushing forward and slide against my hot, wet insides. No words escape my mouth; I can only moan, groan, and cry out like an animal.

My breasts heave and bounce with each thrust. They’re moving so much it’s beginning to be uncomfortable, though my brain ignores that. I’m far more occupied with how deep my partner’s cock is filling me, hitting my G-spot and continuing to press against me, again and again, and again– 

–I come, loudly, squirting over both of us. For a moment, my vision blacks out, but the sensations don’t stop. 

Satisfied, I come back to myself, my eyes wandering to my now open closet. You’re clearly there in a sad attempt to hide in my clothes. Your cock is in your hand, red as your face, and you continue to watch him ravish me. 

Well, this cuckold strip tease seduction was a success. Looking dead on at you with a cock in your hand, I grin.

If this is up your alley, then you’d better call before all the cuckold phone sex is wrung out of me!

cuckold strip tease seduction