Cuckold Sex Stories – MILF Cuckold’s Her Man

Cuckold Sex Stories are always a fun read!  Here is my newest one written just for you.

Finally, the time has come.   You need to found out the truth about me and realize that I am not a one cock woman.

Excitedly, I prepared to put on a show for you.  Hopefully,  you will harder by watching me than you ever do from watching the cuckolding porn you think I don’t know about.  And after tonight, I will know if you are the cuckolded man for me or not.

Yesterday, after arriving at my hometown for our vacation, I got on the phone and called a few old friends.  We agreed to meet up at today for a hot and intense reunion.

Today, I put on my sexy shorts and halter top and headed down to the bar.  big open doorway,  I see you reclining at the pool watching me.  Just then, my friends arrive.

Red, Josh and Big Joh all walked up to me.  First, Big John picks me up, swings me around, dropping me into the arms of Red.

Cuckold Sex Stories – Then, Red gave me a deep “hello” kiss, hands running up and over my firm ass.

Moments later, he reluctantly,  hands me over to Josh, who proceeded to kiss me and slid his hands under my top.

After the hot hellos, I glanced over at you, noticing your hand was lying on your cock, lightly stroking it.  Thrilled, I turned back to my old friends.

Then, upon ordering drinks, we headed for the tables scattered around the pool.  However, I never acknowledge you as we sat at a table close to you.

After a few moments, Red brought the drinks out and the reminiscing began.  Soon, their voices became very excited as they animatedly discuss a certain girl they used to know.  With delight, Red claims she had gave the most exquisite blowjobs to a great many of the senior class males.

Covertly, I glance at you.  Ingrossed, in the conversation, your pique, not to mention your cock is raised in interest.  Smiling, I turn back and join the conversation.


Cuckold Sex Stories – Objecting, I say, “Obviously, you know that is that is utter Bullshit,” I say laughing.

“I know for a fact Carl and weird Eddie went home and wanked their own pathetic cocks!”

Laughing, we continued sharing stories until we were all feeling loose and horny.

After an hour, it was time to move on to phase two of my plan.  Arising, I suggested we move the reunion to my suite.  Following, they followed me to our private patio.  Opening the wide doors, to the patio, your view is unobstructed.  Looking back, I see you stop in the patio, sit down and rub your cock through your shorts.

Feeling happy, I turn to my guests, secure in the knowledge that my audience of one was most definitely ready for the second act.

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