Cuckold relationship looking for BBC.

I have a craving for dick. All dick. Some people call me a cheater. I’m not sure if that’s exactly what I would call it. First of all cheating is defined as being in a committed relationship, breaking the trust of their partner. Trust is broken when secretly getting emotionally and physically involved with someone. A cuckold relationship is not defined under this.

When you are in this type of relationship there is no secret.

Usually, Michael and I find a guy together for me to fuck. Michael is 100% fine watching me pleasured by another guy.  Sometimes he gets up and walks around to see from different angles. There are times that he will even cum while watching me. When done, the random guy leaves I will lay on the bed and make Michael clean me up.

That is the reward for helping me find a guy to please me.

He will lick my pussy clean. Get all of that cum from the BBC out of me.  This is our quality time of the conversation. He asks me what I like about this guy and what I didn’t we compare the men I have been with. I have some that make me scream and squirt every time. He likes watching me with those few guys but I want to try different. I do call those for sure guys every couple of months but I want to have all different cocks. I want Michael to see me with all the cocks. This is what a cuckold relationship is. There is no cheating and no secrets.

We both love our cuckold relationship.

Don’t judge our fetishes. If you are ready for mature phone sex call me. I may make you rethink some fetish ideas you were against before.

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