Fetish bracelets, just when you think they aren’t in style anymore and throw yours out they make a cum back.

Boom, fetish bracelets are back. Of course, they are because I threw all of mine away. I never thought that I would want to wear them anymore after college. For those of you that are unaware, let me give you a little lesson. Fetish bracelets originated in the early 80s. Parents were clueless as to why these jelly bracelets were such a big hit.

Little did they know that with the older kids they were more than just this.

Each color means something that you are willing to do. When I was in junior high we wore them and if a boy walked by and pulled one off then you would have to meet him in the bathroom and fulfill the color that he managed to yank off. Red was for a kiss, orange meant a french kiss. Yellow, gets flashed boobs. If he got the green one off he got a blowjob or the blue one means he gets sex.

If anyone was brave enough for a black one on that was taken off that one guarantees anal.

Now things are a little more for advertising. They mean that this is what you are willing to do. The colors have expanded also. Here is the updated list:
Black-Normal S&M, blue-bondage, green-ball busting, clear- latex and leather, orange-voyeurism, yellow-golden shower, red-foot fetish, purple-asphyxiation, silver-hand fetish, white-gay sex, pink-Beastiality, brown-poop/fart fetish, glow in the dark-sex toy fetish.

Now that you are up to date on the new and exciting colors aren’t you curious to see what ones I have on today?

You know you want to hear all about my hot sex stories. And have dirty kinky phone sex porn conversation. Call me and I will tell you my favorite color bracelet.

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