Sex! We all know what Eve wants, Eve gets.

Sex, that’s what I want. Not any sex. Taboo sex. I want to fuck the shit out of my best friend’s husband. This would not have ever crossed my mind, but she keeps talking about his big black cock. How could I not want to feel that inside of me? Heres the problem, my best friend just died. Should I feel bad about wanting him still? I mean she’s dead she can’t have him anymore so technically they aren’t married anymore.

On the morning of the funeral I arrived extra early.

Wanting to make sure everything was ready when her family arrived. Her husband Donald was already there. I walked up to him and gave him a hug and whispered in his ear that if there was anything I could do for him I will. I am there for him. He thanked me and hugged me extra tight. I could feel his cock in his pants.

Holy Shit it was huge.

She was right. We sat on the couch in front of the casket and he told me that he hasn’t had sex in about 6 months and my heart broke for him. I put my hand on top of his pants to feel his cock and told him I would take care of him. Unzipping his pants I pulled out that huge dick and began to suck it. Only a few minutes of that and he was pushing my head away.

I could taste his precum.

He told me he wanted to feel his BBC inside of my pussy. Bending over and arching my back I stuck my ass up in the air and he raised my skirt. Exposing my bare ass. I had no panties on, I was ready to receive that cock. I was going to have sex with my best friend’s husband in front of her laying there in the casket on the day of her funeral. Do I feel bad? Maybe a little. Ok, no not really. Because the sex was so good I didn’t want to stop. As he grabbed my ass and pulled me closer I felt that hard cock pulsate and fill my pussy full of his cum.

Just as he finished we heard the main doors open.

We both jumped up and adjusted our clothes. As I went to go to the bathroom her mother walked into the room and gave me a look of disgust. Did she know I just had sex with her son in law on the day of his wife’s funeral? I cleaned the cum out of my pussy and looked in the mirror. Oh, my Lord. My hair looks like I just got fucked. I am now positive her mom knows what we were doing. This can be filed under my sex xxx file.

I hope after reading this blog you are ready for kinky taboo phone sex. I know I am.