Oral sex fail.

I do not have many oral sex fails but I will just chalk this one up to a fail. Picture it, a very trendy Detroit nightclub, summer of 2017. Partying with my girls drinking, smoking, and maybe a little extasy. It was a good night until the police showed up. Searching my purse they found my stash and confiscated it. Now, I was handcuffed and put in the back of the police car. As we took off I begged Office Smith to not take me to jail.

Offering him anything he wanted to let me go he quickly asked if I was bribing an officer.

No, I replied. Even though I was. He turned off the main street to a dark deserted street. Most of the houses were burnt down and the few that were standing were all vacant and boarded up. I knew what was going to happen now. Officer Smith stepped out of the car and opened my door. Having his pants already undone and down I didn’t say a word. Opening my mouth I leaned out and took that huge 10-inch cock in my mouth.

Sucking and licking that cock was so good I didn’t want to stop.

I went up and down so much that my jaw was beginning to hurt and my slobber was all over his dick. Feeling his cock start to pulsate and then he sot that hot cum all down my throat. Not missing a motion and kept my sucking rhythm. Swallowing every drop of his cum had him moaning with pleasure. As he zipped his pants he told me that he thinks that was the best blow job he has ever had. That made me smile.

Now comes the part of the oral sex fail.

I was so happy that I was almost over this nightmare that I did not expect what happened next. Officer Smith got in the car and began to drive the same was we were originally headed. Inquiring about this he laughed and said that just because I blew him it doesn’t mean I wasn’t going to jail. I blew him for no reason. My blow job was a fail or he was just a douche bag.

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