My cuckold’s prison fantasies are so naughty, I love to tease him about them.

Prison fantasies make my cuckold’s nights so much more fun.. Richie can hardly wait to run home sometimes, other times he’ll already be in bed and his mind starts spinning, thinking about all the naughty things I love to tell him. He goes crazy for it. His undoing was telling me that he went away for some time..and though I didn’t realize what he meant at first, I got it as soon as he started talking about how much he loved big black cock, and how he wanted to watch me get fucked by one.. But it didn’t end there. I knew he wanted something more than just watching me get fucked. Of course he’s a naughty little perv and he loves to play with my feet and suck on them, so I’ll show them off for him all the time, in sexy heels that drive him wild. Peep-toe stilettos with the red soles..his favorite so far. But like I said, there’s something more to this whole deal, something I was missing at first. It turns out, he wants the bbc more than he wants my pussy!

And it all came from all those prison fantasies.. I tease him about it sometimes, about how he can’t get enough of it because he never spoke up and took control while he had the chance to. All those opportunities he had to be used like a real prison bitch! All those guys in the showers, in the cells, the chances he had to be controlled and used like a little sex toy.. I know he still dreams of it, and craves it, and loves to think of all the black guys I’d get involved in our little adventures if I could. But I know those prison fantasies need something more.. Cuffs, outfits, the thrill of it all.. He’s all mine to tease about it, and I know bringing it up just wraps him around my finger even more. He’s a little cuckold slut and I can’t wait to see what other prison fantasies I can come up with for him..just for the thrill of hearing his frustration, knowing he wants more of it. 😉

Come be my little cuckold bitch.