Caged Like the Cuckold Bitch She Created

I thought it would be interesting to see things through the eyes of a cuckold – how one views things through their eyes. So I give you the continuation in his voice; his words.

Previously from Part 4

Just then I felt cold steel, heard the ratcheting sound of handcuffs, and realized she had locked my hands behind my back.  What was going on? Was she initiating a role-playing scene as foreplay? Was I no longer going to play the cuckold? I could see the glint of amusement in her eye as she met my questioning gaze.

“Now it’s time for your present bitch,” she said as she pulled a steel chastity device out of her vanity drawer.

The story continues…

As she held up the device, she explained that it was a “small” model and would fit my useless little cocklet like a glove.

“See? it even comes with this insert that has small spikes all around to ‘remind’ your little cock not to get hard!” she laughed. Despite the realization that she intended to put the device on me, my cock began to get hard.

She looked down, and with a wicked smile she cocked her leg back and forcefully brought her foot into my groin. Her sharp kick landed squarely on my dick and balls, causing me to fall over in blinding pain. It also had the desired effect of making my cock limp. CBT will do that to a guy apparently.

Bridgette seized that precise moment to snap the cock-lock into place.

Sobbing, I looked up at her and begged her to undo the device, but she just stood over me with a contemptuous smirk. She placed her heel on my throat and simultaneously began to press down as she fastened the key to a silver chain around her ankle. When she finally let me breathe, I started to object again but she delivered another swift kick to my balls making me cry out in pain.

“Here, these should shut you up for now!” she said, as she held up a pair of giant satin granny panties. For a moment, I thought she intended to make me put them on but instead, she proceeded to stuff them into my open mouth crotch first!

I could not remember Bridgette owning a pair of these kinds and they were certainly too big for her! I could taste the mix of male cum and pussy juice on them! Whose were they, I wondered as I heard her chuckle.

“I’ve laid out an outfit for you in your room. Go put it on and wait in your corner for me while I finish getting ready for my date! And keep those panties in your mouth until told otherwise you pathetic cuckold!”

What could a simple cuckold do? I kept the panties in my mouth until she told me otherwise.


…to be continued…


My, my, things are certainly getting interesting for my pathetic cuckold, aren’t they? Can’t wait to find out what happens next? Give me a call and I’ll give you an up close and personal recounting for you.

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