Adjusting to My New Position – Cuckold Bitch

I thought it would be interesting to see things through the eyes of a cuckold – how one views things through their eyes. And so I give you the continuation in his voice; his words.

… Previously from Part 3 …

That’s when I realized with shame how stupid I looked, and the more I stared the more I understood why she felt such contempt for me. As I strained to hear what was going on in the other room, I thought I heard her moan.

Then I clearly heard her moan out “Ohh Fuck Yes I’m Cumming!!”

The story continues…

Since then, a week has passed since Bridgette made me write the confession letter admitting I wanted to be her cuckold.  Since then, I’ve been afraid to even look at online porn and cannot stop imaging her moaning the way she did on the phone while being fucked by an alpha male with a huge cock!

While Bridgette was in the shower, I contemplated logging onto a porn site and rubbing out a quick one.  But before I could wrap my fingers around my cock to relieve the building pressure in my balls, I heard the water shut off. A few moments later, Bridgette came into the living room wearing her robe with a towel on her head.

“Did you finish doing my laundry cuckold?”

“Yes,” I responded meekly.

“Good Cuckie Bitch!” she sneered as she sauntered back into what was now HER bedroom.

“Crawl in here, pussy, I have something for you to see. “

I crawled into HER room to see her sitting at her vanity with her robe undone. Her breasts were so supple and firm and I realized it had been weeks since I had actually felt them. As she noticed my gaze, she smirked and said, “Like seeing what you will never be able to have again?” That’s when I blushed like a teenager caught peeping, and quickly looked down to the floor.

“Come over here and kneel at my feet sissy cuck. I have something for you.”

 I crawled over to her feet and knelt. “Put your hands behind your back,” she said. Then she leaned forward and my face was nestled within her bare cleavage. I could smell the perfume she was wearing and realized it was the perfume I had bought her for Christmas.

Just then I felt cold steel, heard the ratcheting sound of handcuffs, and realized she has locked my hands behind my back.  What was going on? Maybe she initiating a role-playing scene as foreplay? I could see the glint of amusement in her eye as she met my questioning gaze.

“Now it’s time for your present bitch,” she said as she pulled a steel chastity device out of her vanity drawer.


…to be continued…


I’m so generous, aren’t I, hehehe. A pretty, shiny present for my cuckold.  Tell me my cuckold wannabes – does the thought of getting locked up make your little dicklet twitch and swell? Of course, it does, doesn’t it? By all means, call me and I’ll make all your cuckold fantasies cum true!

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