The Dawning of a New Cuckold Age Begins

I thought it would be interesting to see things through the eyes of a cuckold. Of how one views things through their eyes. So I give you the continuation in his voice; his words.

Previously from Part 2

“Once you find the definition, I want you to write me an apology letter for being such a sissy faggot and beg me to not divorce you. When you’re done, print it out and go stand in front of the closet wearing my underwear and wait for me to call you!”

The story continues…

The shock of hearing the word divorce from her only dulled the feelings of humiliation and shame I felt as I turned to the door.  To my embarrassment, I was also feeling so sexually excited and the combination of those contradicting feelings were making my mind swirl. And thinking of myself as a cuckold was making things that much more intense.

As I stumbled out to do the taste she assigned me, Bridgette said, “Oh, one more thing my cuckold pussy.”

I turned toward her as she lifted her ass off the bed and slid her panties off. As she tossed them to me with a smirk she said, “I want you to do one more thing. Once you’ve done your little cuck research and your little writing assignment.  I want you to put the crotch of these panties on your nose while you press it to the mirrored closet door.”

“And You are to stay like that until I say otherwise!”

Instead of arguing, I meekly left the room. Panties in hand, and went to the office room to do as I was told.  I looked up cuckold and saw how humiliating and degrading it was. That’s when I got hard. Without delay, I wrote the apology letter and I confessed to her that I could not help getting turned on by the idea of her dominating and feminizing me, and printed it out and left it on the desk.

There I was, looking at the reflection of myself in the mirror with Bridgette’s worn panties pressed against my nose, and as a result, I could smell the sweet scent of her pussy as I was forced to stare at myself wearing her panties and bra.

That’s when I realized with shame how stupid I looked. The more I stared the more I understood why she felt such contempt for me. As I strained to hear what was going on in the other room, I thought I heard her moan.

Then I clearly heard her moan out “Ohh Fuck Yes I’m Cumming!!”


…to be continued…


Oh yes, things are getting interesting now, aren’t they my cuckold in the making? Care to start your path down the rabbit hole? Give a call and I’ll be sure to make you a good little cuckold as well.

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