All Roads Lead to Becoming a Cuckold

I thought it would be interesting to see things through the eyes of a cuckold. Of how one views things through their eyes. So I give you the continuation in his voice; his words.

Previously from Part I

As she sauntered out of the room, she looked back over her shoulder and said, “By the way, I’ve looked over your browser history. My, what a pathetic, perverted, sissy you are! Perhaps I should make you call me Mommy since I now control you completely! Things are going to be much different around here soon. Oh yes my little piglet, you are SO fucked!” As she walked down the hall, I could hear her calling someone…

The story continues…

I quickly put on a pair of sweatpants over the pink panties I was wearing to try and hide my shame and humiliation.  I carefully made my way down the hall to our bedroom and stopped outside the door to listen. She was still talking to someone on the phone, but I couldn’t make out the words. All I could hear was the occasional laughing. I sudden feeling of foreboding came across me, and a vision of life as her cuckold crossed my mind.

Shaking off the frightening yet oddly titillating sensation of being forced into that submissive role, I decided to be bold and walked in.

She had taken most of her clothing off and was sitting upright on the bed with her legs crossed as she rhythmically rubbed her thighs together. I could tell she was stimulating herself while she talked to the person.

When she saw me she stopped moving her thighs, and said to the person on the phone, “Hold on a minute sexy”.

Then she lowered the phone and glared at me. I stood there sheepishly and asked her if we could talk.  She sneered and said “I’m going to talk TO you when I’m damn good and ready you sissy bitch! In the meantime, go back to your computer and look up the work CUCKOLD.

“Once you find the definition, I want you to write me an apology letter for being such a sissy faggot and beg me to not divorce you. You will then print it out when it’s finished. Afterward, go stand in front of the closet wearing my underwear and wait for me to call you!”

…to be continued…

If you want to hear what happens next, my soon-to-be cuckold, then grab a pair of your wife or girlfriend’s panties and call me!

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