Inside The Mind of a Cuckold: A Cuckold POV Story

I thought it would be interesting to see things through the eyes of a cuckold. Of how one views things through their eyes. So I give you his voice; his words.

It started out as a game between my wife and I. I had confessed to her that I was turned on at the thought of her dominating me in bed, but was too embarrassed to actually tell her any of the steamy details I fantasized about. Even thinking so far as to what it would be like to be turned into a cuckold by her.

As she began to explore the possibilities, she started asserting herself when we fucked. Doing things like getting on top and holding my wrists down as she rode me to orgasm and saying provocative and dirty things to gauge my reaction.

Then one night after she rode me to orgasm. She moved her freshly fucked pussy over my head and lowered it onto my open mouth. Tasting her creampie as it dribbled out of her open pussy made me feel so depraved. I’d read erotic stories and watched porn online featuring “cream pies” but had never actually tasted her after we had had sex. As she rode my tongue to another orgasm I could see that she knew this was turning me on.

As we lay next to each other in a post-orgasmic state, I could tell she was thinking about something. When I asked her if she was OK, she broke out of her thoughts, smiled at me.

 “Oh yes dear, I’m just having hot thoughts about how I’m going to take full advantage of your perverted desires!”

A week later, I was home alone and horny so I picked out a pair of my wife’s panties and a matching bra and put them on. I often watched porn online while wearing woman’s underwear and imagining myself being forced to wear them and serve my wife and her female friends.

As I was “enjoying” myself watching a cuckold video wearing my wife’s panties, I heard the sound that a cell phone makes when someone takes a picture. As I turned around, I could hear the camera go off several more times as I sat there face-to-face with my smirking wife.

She looked at me with both amusement and contempt as she informed me that her underwear was too sexy for a pathetic sissy and that she was going to take me shopping for some more suitable underwear later. I started to stammer and said “Honey, I can explain…” but she slapped me across the face and said “Shut up bitch! From now on, you will not call me dear, wife, or honey! You will call me Goddess because you will worship me completely.

As she sauntered out of the room, she looked back over her shoulder and said “By the way, I’ve looked over your browser history. My what a pathetic perverted sissy you are! Perhaps I should make you call me Mommy since I now control you completely! Things are going to be much different around here soon… you are SO fucked my little piglet! As she walked down the hall, I could hear her calling someone…


To be continued…

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