Sweetheart, We Need to Talk… About Your New Role as a Cuckold

As you well know, we’ve been having some, shall we say, difficulties in the bedroom.  The fact is, that you simply can’t satisfy me, not with that teeny tiny nub that you loosely call a penis.  Quite frankly, it’s a wonder I haven’t turned you into a cuckold already. And I refuse to continue “faking” it just for your benefit. After all, a husband has to provide for ALL his wife’s needs, not just the financial ones (which you do quite nicely, by the way).

You’ve begged me to not leave you. You’ve whined about how the shame of why I would leave would be scandalous. That it will leave you impotent in the business world that you command presently.  I have considered your request, and have come up with a solution to our dilemma.

You will continue to provide for all my comfort needs – financial as well as domestic responsibilities.  All of them, save one – my sexual needs.  For that, I will seek satisfaction elsewhere, and you will be reduced to cuckold status.  You will not only support my extra-curricular activities but will encourage and even assist in whatever capacity I require.

Close your mouth dear – you can’t be surprised to hear that I’m turning you into a cuckold.

Now, where was I? Ah yes, a bit of clarification. If I require you to make yourself scarce as I get my pussy pounded by a Big Black Cock in what once was our marital bed, then you will be the invisible bunny.

If I require you to play the perfect host to my overnight guest, then you will offer all the gracious amenities of the “hostess with the most-est”.

And if I require you to provide both “fluffer” and “clean up” services for my stud muffin and myself, then you will do so eagerly and with enthusiasm my little cuckold. (And yes, that includes, but is not limited to, sucking his ramrod, then devouring the creampie he so generously leaves for you to dine on).

Understand this:  this is a privilege that I bestow upon you. I will allow you to see first-hand how a real man can satisfy your wife like you never could, nor ever will. You should be extremely grateful for allowing you to participate in some small way in my pleasures.

This you will do, plus any and all other things that I require from you – for this is your world from now on: the wonderful world of cuckoldry, and you, my dear, will be my perfect cuckold.


Ready for some sweet cuckold phone sex? A bit of humiliation phone sex? Or will you be the bull to teach my cuckold his place?


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke