A Dose of CBT Will Cure Him of Wandering Hands

I’m not a mean girl. I don’t go and seek out unwilling victims to hone my CBT techniques. But there’s nothing that pisses me off more than some handsy dick thinking he can grope me as he sees fit without my permission. Such is the case of “D”.

You see, we were supposed to enjoy dinner and a movie together. An enjoyable evening ending at my place with us getting hot and sweaty in between the sheets. SUPPOSED to be. But instead of his cock being buried inside my wet pussy, he had earned a swift lesson in acceptable behavior courtesy of a harsh session of CBT and orgasm denial. And ending in him being cock locked.

It started in the movie theater. I didn’t give him permission to touch me as he attempted to put his hand up my skirt. We were in the back row and there was no one around us at the time. I grabbed his hand and threw it back into his own lap.

On the ride back to my house I was silent the entire time, the burning fury radiating off me.  as he walked me to my front door,  he started to apologize again. But that was when I turned around and kicked him in his balls with the toe of my stiletto and he dropped to his knees in pain holding his groin.

His Indoctrination into The Wonderful World of CBT Had Just Begun

And when he doubled over in pain, I grabbed his cock in my hand and squeezed as hard as I could.

“I can’t believe you tried to touch my pussy, you stupid fuck”!

Grinning, I could still hear him apologizing through his agonizing moans and groans. I couldn’t help but be pleased and feel the rush of torturing his cock!

 Then, as I dragged his sorry dick into my apartment, I spat at him through my teeth, “You’re not sorry yet. But make no mistake, you will be!!”

So tell me, are you into cock and ball torture as much as me? Does that worthless prick of yours twitch at the thought of me doling out my particular brand of CBT? Salivate in anticipation of me abusing it?


Then Start Dialing…

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